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Thread: Plagued UI?

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    what layout option ? Default, Alternate, right side 1, right side 2 ?

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    Try this out and tell me if it is ok for you:

    Just extract in Age of Conan/dta/gui/

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    You're the man, MisterClean! I only had to adjust the BuffListView icon_size from 32 to 38 for larger buffs/debuffs and expanded the inventoryview file to accommodate my custom font size. Icons slotted in the larger UI bar are shown with more detail when running 4K. Looks much better. Thanks!

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    Can someone update King UI for new patch?

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    Someone can put this layout for Plagued Ui?

    this is the original file:

    please someone help me
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    Does anyone have this updated to work with the current version of the game?

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