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Thread: Plagued UI?

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    Default Plagued UI?

    Does anyone know of a working version of the Plagued UI?

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    If you find any version of this UI, I can most probably update it for you

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    That is a very generous offer. I have the archive for the PlaguedUI_Revived (from 2013 I believe), which I think is the latest version. Right now the only problem I have seen is that the mod breaks the Feat window (button N), it simply will not open.

    If you are willing to do this, how should I get the files to you? You can PM me here if you like.

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    Upload it some where and give me a link. I'll do the rest

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    Here you are:

    Plagued and King UI updated

    I did nothing fancy, just updated the top bar so that it is fully functional.

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    Thanks a lot for fixing this, it is appreciated.
    -Do we have anything resembling a plan?

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    I still use plagued UI. Ive tried others but this is still my fav. Just sayin.

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    Thanks for the work you put into this UI, MisterClean. Is there anyway the Plagued (or both themes) could be made to match the size of the StrangedUI "Big" theme? I find the StrangeUI Big theme to be the perfect scale for 4k.

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    It is doable.
    However, I'd prefer if you picked one option, so that it is less work for me

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