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Thread: What would you like to see in the AOC item shop?

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    - items to remove the f2p limitations temporarily AND permanently (accountwide). For example gold limit increase (permanently), quest log increase, chat access, resource/quest/inventory increase etc..
    - better reasonable priced access passes (and make all unchained and new zones available there too)
    - accountwide buy option for power items and pets
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    Can anyone tell me if any of these suggestions are planned?

    My own ideas: more vanity items and cusotmization of them, ie be able to change the colours and patterns of clothing and armour with full blown customization allowed. I'd pay if I could that.

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    I would like speedhack and comber
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    I would like Pro Players and Exploiters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssnowsurfer View Post
    I would like to see PVP levels sold in the store, not an instant PVP 10 but maybe a boost of 1-2 levels above what you currently are, or hell maybe all 10 levels, this way more casual players can be competitive and you could make more of your toons competitive, especially if you have 12 toons like I do, instead of sticking purely to 1-2 toons to get PVP levels.

    Let's face it, PVP needs more players competing, and competitive ones. New/casual players at low PVP levels get slaughtered and quit, and vets can try different toons.
    obviously a new player wont spend 30 bucks on each toon atop of subs and aa pots to be competitive in aoc's dead pvp...

    unchained minis is what we need
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feadara View Post
    Fixed that for you.

    I would throw money at FC for:

    - more quest/ressources bag slots
    - more quests in the questlog (account). like, 75?
    - already bought vanity stuff stays in /claim, or I can "buy" it again for 0
    - I would seriously take part in "crowdfunding" a new, up to date trailer
    fantastic suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by camilleboucquill View Post
    fantastic suggestions
    Most recent edited intro I could find:

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    Kangaroo mounts that go boing when they jump.
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    Larger resource bags.

    Personally I think the existing bags should be expanded free of charge as we've been asking for larger resource bags for quite some time.

    Then add an item shop resource bag for purchase to expand your bag even more if you want to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tura View Post
    Kangaroo mounts that go boing when they jump.
    The video is worth a chuckle.

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