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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    Meleagro :
    Give this a try

    Kroniklese :
    Have you activated aoc.exe ? haha..ok just kidding.
    Could you check if which files you have in Funcom\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Customized\Views\EmoteGUI\ ?
    Or unrar this inside :

    Crolug :
    I haven't done anything in months.
    So, Castbars are missing ?
    Is aoc.exe activated with everything working fine (waypoints etc) ?
    If so, could you unrar this :
    in Funcom\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Aoc\

    Also, I don't remember if I told you that one of the mods allows you to track of goad, forced engage, bewilder and fangs of set ?
    Even in a forest of buffs and debuffs, you can still see if these abilities are usable or already on used. Check the emote window and activate debuf tracker. Have fun
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    Hello, tell me whether you have a released version for 2K monitors? 1080 small pictures. 4K is too big... Thank you.

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    Sorry I don't.
    That said, try one of the 'BIG' versions. It should do it.

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    thanks, I'm going to try Big versions of the icons in the standard UI 2.62.
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    Heya thanks for the awesome UI. As a new player, I have only one question. How to bring up the help manual?

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    I honnestly don't remember but you should find a keybind in the option menu in game
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    Would it be possible to move only buffs from CharPortraitRight to top of the screen without messing up CharPortraitRight layout?

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    Hi. I tried out IKOS and decided that I did not wish to use that format.

    I deleted the Customized GUI flder and the Preferences folder from user data, to have a clean Strange install.

    I used the UI installer to pick options. The customized GUI folder in AoC now shows the appropriate files.

    Yet when I log in IKOS is still there.

    Any ideas how I can get IKOS to vanish and have the Strange stuff show?

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    Raczer : sorry to hear that. I don't know how I can help you though. I guess you have read the installation note and did everything right.
    Maybe you could describe what you have done so far.

    drmir : The only possibility that I see is to delete everything related to the buffs from CharPortraitRight.xml and tweak the moveable portrait so that it only shows buffs/debuffs.

    ConanLibrarian : are you sure that you installed the UI in the right directory ? Maybe you have two copies of the game and your shortcut leads to the second AoC directory.

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