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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterClean View Post
    Unfortunately it's not.
    But I will work on it. 3 people talking about the minimap, it proves that it needs some tweaks.
    It will take a few days, maybe a week since I dont have much time

    As always, thank you guys for the input and suggestion (and my first specialist in the matter: Stiiixy!)
    Dont do anything on my part, mate. I could play this game with KB combo's and not even use any UI elements I've played that much, yet I still mouse click my way through anyway because of your UI. I blame you for my bad habits =D

    I just like bandying about the idea's =P Like a French brothel next to a late night eatery, I'm always open for discussion. You and Yorgomir and the other UI dev's have helped keep the game out of the stoned-ages.

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    Red face

    Hi there

    Been away from AOC for a looooong time, and I'm so psyched to find StrangeUI still alive!!
    Thank you MisterClean for your hard work


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    It's awesome! Come say hello over there, Crassius will be happy:

    PS: it's also nice to see you here Foxcat
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    Hi again,

    I still got this damn problem, that I change the position of my movable targets target in fights or while running.
    Is there a way, to lock it? I dont think so, but maybe you can tell me, how I can make the targets target look like the movable targets target and put it to the position, you can see on this picture?

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    Juppsen, does your target's target overlap the normal target portrait ?

    Unfortunately there is no way to lock the moveable target's target. But your suggestion might do the trick; I'll help you with that. Maybe today, depending on your answer to the question above ^^

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    No, there´s no overlapping. The target is the right portrait, the "normal" targets target is blinded out.

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    My bad, I thought it wad a montage since the "normal" right portrait is not supposed to look like that (the name is supposed to be aligned to the right side).

    Anyway, I see what I can do and get back to you asap

    The red rectangle shows where I can move and lock the target's target.
    Moving it elsewhere means changing its file and it doesn't work anymore, I'm sorry.

    The only solution I see is to create flash target's target. Which I have no idea how to do.

    That said, I discovered something really interesting but really badly named:

    Using that option locks the moveable portraits when you run. It's a half solution
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    Thx alot M8! But having the targets target at the right sight would make me crazy
    I edited some files of your UI, added the chat boxes and so on. But I wasnt able to change the targets target bar, tough.

    But thx to you, I just won´t change the position while running

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