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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    Sorry guys, I kinda lost motivation these las weeks. I will try to release the last version this week end as Lurvi sends me the colors he wants for the dmg texts.

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    Update December 4th 2016 v2.6

    -New bottombar: Lurvi Setup (see here)
    -New bottombar: Minimalist 3 bars
    -New bottombar: Ultra Minimalist 3 bars
    -TT option: big lifebar
    -TT option: Lurvi's trip (normal lifebar, thin stam/mana bars)
    -Options: dark combo sequence indicator
    -Option: "Lurvi must be on drugs" color texts
    -Fix: classic "group buffs" overinfo now works

    Note that V2.5 security update is still available in the second post

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    An error occured while trying to install the ui.

    'layouts\CSI\horizontal small dark' couldn't be found

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    Too many options for just one brain ^^

    fixed, sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterClean View Post
    -Option: "Lurvi must be on drugs" color texts
    Ask him about the ones i use
    Hungry Bear.
    Chamacappa - Happyshamie - Sekmheth - Oyako - Nexoxcho - and an other dozen of cripples !

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    Cappa yours are like, trying to make a disco out of aoc

    Mine are not crazy at all, but try to make the game feel a bit more alive. just fixing the dull green healing, and make the damage taken reds stand out a bit more, from the normal reds.

    it's a work in progress though, I'll improve them.
    Last edited by Lurvi; 5th December 2016 at 07:04.

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    Cappa loves pink
    Have you tried the unicorn version of the UI I made a while ago ? ^^

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    hey was excited to test this ui, but a lot of stuff doesnt seem to work. ultra minimal 3x17 just gives default bottom bars, using onthefly makes all other windows have no background and my top bars are in a different spot every time i load the game :/

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    Hmm ok. Thanks for the feedback.
    I'll see what I can do tonight.

    As for the OTF option, the counterpart is indeed that the other windows are transparent. That I cant fix.

    However, the top bar issue....well...that is unexplainable for now. Could you take screenshots please?

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    im having serious issues logging in at the moment, constantly kicked from the server, sometimes its in the middle at the top underneath the buffs, then i re log and its on the left side, then restart game and its back to the middle under the buffs. i cant remember which bottom bars, only been trying lurvis setup and 3x17 ultramin

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