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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    recently updated graphics card and monitor and here is what i get:
    online photo storage

    Would you have any ideas how to fix those vertical and horizontal lines, or what causes them?

    Reinstalled strange ui without the aoc.exe and did not help, so it could be vga or monitor settings somewhere, just not sure what to look for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limerish View Post
    Would you have any ideas how to fix those vertical and horizontal lines, or what causes them?

    Reinstalled strange ui without the aoc.exe and did not help, so it could be vga or monitor settings somewhere, just not sure what to look for
    aoc.exe has no effect on this, thats for sure. What you see is the black, semitransparent background tiles in the windows not being proberly defined or aligned at higher resolutions. I can think of three causes/solutions.

    1. The background isn't tiled right in the appropriate .xml UI files.
    Fix: Edit the appropriate UI .xml files to make sure it handles the tiling right at higher resolutions.

    2. The background tile graphics having a different transparency at the edge.
    Fix: Correct the graphic by either editing the textureatlas .dds file that holds the background or edit the textureatlas .gat definition file to exclude the edge of the background tile.

    3. In some rare cases this can be caused by the graphic card driver.
    Fix: Up or downgrade the driver to a different version. The newest isn't always the best. Or use one of the above solutions to fix it.

    Hope it helps!

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    Wooow Limerish I'm sorry, I thought I already answered your message. I was asking what your resolution was because it seems I ****ed up ^^

    As always, Foxcat knows better hehe. Honestly. Thank you

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    hey misterclean, any word on when lurvi's setup will be available very keen on that one myself!

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    oh, finally I remembered what I wanted to ask aswell...

    if misterclean, you could show a screenshot with the camera all zoomed out and slightly more angeled?

    another thing I wanted to do was make buffs/debuffs smaller than their original size, but have the timer beneath them remain! cause I tried to do this, but the timer disappears
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    I'll be back at home in 8 days, I will try to fix Limerish's issue and do what you ask Lurvi. Then I will release the 2.5 ... unless you guys have new ideas to suggest

    Edit: Lurvi, what buffs? The ones above your lifebar, the ones above targets lifbar or the ones on top of the screen?
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    overseen UI improvement for me would be damage/healing numbers color and position improvements

    healing should not be the standard green (somewhat grey) one, but a more light (yellow) dominated green color. Some years ago the original color was closer to this, and the change made the game more dull to look at IMO.

    Not saying the game should be all vivid colors, but more prominent, visible and pleasing to the eye.

    Something I did myself was:

    - healingnumbers, more like this :

    - give magical hits taken a more vivid blood color, slightly more pink :

    - give physical hits taken the red, but brown feel :
    Don't know if this association makes sense to most others, but it was extremely pleasing to be able to distinguish by the little change in red color for the two. These two are only examples of what I mean. No need to go all the way, since it should be fitting the screen of AoC, and have that bloody feel.

    The mana replenish color (imo should be disabled, but if you like it) is way too vivid comparing to the other colors, so I'd tune that down to something more sea/azure-ish.
    Stamina replenish should just be disabled completely as it's totally useless.

    I also don't like magical crits appearing non centered when they have no text saying "critical hit", to the left and right. so I disabled that, making them only appear in the middle.

    IF there is a way to make magical crits appear like physical crits (with it saying "critical hit") that option would be great, cause it used to be like that and it was way better, and then they could appear to the left and right again, I believe.

    EDIT: for the buffs I mainly mean the ones above targets healthbar, but should be useful for those who like to enable friendly buffs on target's target too!
    EDIT2: hyborian font for nickname, target name, and target's target name would be slick!
    EDIT3: fixed colors a bit
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    No problem for the colors but unfortunately I dont know how to change their position

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    position changes aren't that big of a deal, it's more the size of them. So what about changing one spesific size, the magical crits taken, it's barely enlarged, even when I pick the biggest option in textcolors file... would love to have that one resized! then maybe I can revert them to appearing left and right and again.

    hope you understand what I mean

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    I will try different things next week

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