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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    Well for me in PVE it no problem with no tags ,
    but in PVP like in Sieges it's can become very confusing if you dont see guildtags,
    since you can have red targets on your sides sometimes n you manly sort them by guildtags
    Even in minis sometimes you wanna chase certains guild more the others ect

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    awwww I think I missunderstood you.

    Are you talking about the overhead text? could you send me a pic? or describe a little bit more? Did it happen because you used the emotewindow's "show names" and "show lifebars" command?

    I need to be sure in order to fix it

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterClean View Post
    Did it happen because you used the emotewindow's "show names" and "show lifebars" command?

    sorry my bad
    i messed with settings in the Emote Working now, Cheers

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    Feel free to tell me if anything wrong

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    default_color="yellow" did the job thanks

    one minor thing
    When u select the instance window you have to hover the mouse pointer over it to know what instance you in.
    In stonerune you have active instance in White colour and other are in Gray (its nice when doin WB)

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    Thank you for the reminder! I have wanted to do that change for a while but then I totally forgot about it!

    Will change it with the next update

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    Okay, since WB is here for a week, and right now the instance selector window is a pain in the ass, here is a new one:

    Hello, orange is now the colour of your instance

    Just drop the xml file to AgeofConan/Data/Gui/Customized/Views

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    So I just installed this awesome looking UI. Im having issues though. Im not sure if it is UI related or game file related, but I dont think my last UI had this problem. But everytime I log off the game, then later I log back in, all my keybinds, and stuff is not there anymore. It keeps going back to the way it was before I set them up for this UI. Same with my chat windows. They are always up in the screen out of the spot I put them. Im not sure how to fix this. Ive tried deleting the customized folder before downloading the UI and everything. I would love to continue to use this UI but as you can imagine, this problem is very annoying to deal with every time I try to get on the game. So any info on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately it is not UI related. It's FC's cloud overwriting your new preferences with the old ones they have saved.

    There are two ways to fix this!

    First is here:
    note: as far as I understand this program, it may work or not work depending on your .NET Ftramework version. Scaevacas could tell you more about it I guess ^^

    Second is here:
    note: I haven't tried this one but it seems to me like a very good idea and it should work no matter what.

    Keep me posted
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    Im wondering if this is something that deleting the game and re-downloading it would fix?

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