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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    -Download the add-on here!
    -Unzip it
    -Drag and drop in your game directory Age of Conan/Data/GUI
    -Replace the files

    This add-on is a stand alone. It should work with any UI.
    Note: it replaces the floating portraits
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    -Download the add-on here!
    -Unzip it
    -Drag and drop in your game directory Age of Conan/Data/GUI
    -Replace the files

    This add-on is a stand alone. It should work with any UI.

    If you find any good quality image of Keaira, please share

    Edit: fixed the black background
    Edit 06/09/15: fixed to make it work 100% with any other UI
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    Hey MisterClean

    Firstly a big thank you for this UI, just recently started using it and its great, love the flash cast bars

    Quick question though, is it possible for me to adjust the size of the cursor & buffs? Think in my old age my eyes arent as quick or as good as they used to be an would like to be able to adjust them + a little?

    If its not possible then no problem, will just have to get some specs lol

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    Hey! Thank you very much!

    Short answer, it is possible

    For the buffs size I advise you to read this:

    If you can't manage to do it yourself, please send me a PM.

    About the cursor, I must say that I have always wanted to add that option. What color do you use? I can't promess anything but I will try

    Edit: I have recently added a BIG ICONS layout, it might help your eyes
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    Thanks for the response man its appreciated

    Will give that thread a read an see what i can work out for the buffs, an not to worry about the cursor, if enough people asked for it then maybe but no worries just for me!


    If you did look at it, I was using one of your ones with the gold color but anything that you think stands out on screen the best is ok.

    Thanks again for the info and the UI!

    Edit: All good for the buff sizes now thank you, pretty easy to play around with.
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    I will look at it

    Also, be careful if you made buffs/debuffs too big, it might cause some weird looking issue when there are too many of them.
    They will take the place they need and push the rest of the UI to make room for them hehe ^^
    If so, just play with the numbers after "max_columns" in the .xml files. Basically reduce the number untill the UI looks fine again.
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    Well, it seems I can't get it to work above 32x32 pixels.

    I could create bigger mousepointers but they won't look very good :/

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    No problem man, appreciate you looking into it

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    STRANGE UI 2015 1.8! UPDATE 06/14/2015

    -Group/raid class icons now have colors
    -New powertab BG by Phroilan Gardner
    -New option to have vanilla text colors
    -New option to have movable target's target
    -New Keaira login screens option
    -Ultraminimalist now has a descreet top menu...below the bottombars.
    -Ultraminimalist Sidepanels are lower
    -Minimalist's top menu is smaller and more transparent
    -PVP button becomes pvp/grp (left click to access pvp window, right click to setup group and loot options)
    -New Guild/FL button
    -Rezwindow is now black
    -Scrollbars have a new look.
    -14x14 inventory becomes 14x15
    -Fix minimalist minimap bg

    Note: Overview screenshots are not up to date (except for ultra minimalist, bottom right). Graphic changes are minor though.
    Note 2: As usual, don't hesitate to make any suggestion and give your feedback. Thank you for using Strange UI Have fun
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    Default Hot Bar Imprints

    I'm using the BIG version and am enjoying it. Before I installed it, I had rebound most of the keys to suit myself. I had a tough time re-assigning the keys, but on the third attempt it worked.... almost.

    Some of the keys in the third row will not use the combo I put in them; I think they want to use the combo that was there before I installed Strange.

    Should I empty all of the hot bars, return to the default, and re-install?


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