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Thread: Strange UI 2016

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    Default Strange UI 2018

    Update February 2018 v2.63

    -Fix: Zath server is now available. I know I'm late
    -Tweak: XP bars colors (if you don't like them, go to D:\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Aoc\DirectionalShields\gfx\texturea tlas and delete

    Note that V2.5 which works without aoc.exe is still available in the second post


    Emote Window / New portraits / Mousepointers / Castbars:

    Flash Castbars/Mini skillslots/New loading screen / Inventories / Group-raid:

    Enable flash castbars by typing "/option castbar true" in chat (replace true by false to disable them).
    AND/OR use the ON/OFF buttons in the "Strange Emote window".

    All 2 rows types slideshow - All 3 rows types slideshow - All login screens slideshow
    click "i" to have the name of the current image, click the squares for faster navigation, and click enlarge for fullscreen mode.
    Images are a bit long to load in fullscreen mode. Don't rush it

    Key mapping:
    2x17 and 2x25 all versions

    3x17 and 3x25 all versions

    2x21 and 3x21 all versions "Corruption like"

    4x15 (up to 4x25)


    4x17 "Mirage like"


    -If you already have a custom UI (even if it is Strange UI), please remove it before going any further.
    -Download the UI from the link at the bottom of this page
    -!NEW! Wanna try SweetFX ? Open Strange and delete AOCUIInstaller.xml
    -Download AoC UI installer and install it. Run it as administrator, select the correct paths, choose the options you like and then click on "install".
    -Go to your game directory Age Of Conan/data/gui/Aoc and run "aoc.exe" (© Foxcat) as administrator. You'll get a popup saying "activated"
    -Run the game as administrator.

    Click me!


    >>>>> DOWNLOAD STRANGE UI 2017 2.63 <<<<<


    Bombatta <3 ; Henryx ; Cappa ; Smurfas ; IKOS ; Yorgomir ; Foxcat ; Fass
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    What does aoc.exe do ?
    It works like AoC Quickstart. Allows to skip the patcher if no available update and uses specific files to customize the UI. When you close the game, aoc.exe terminates itself automatically.

    I don't have custom mousepointers/shields/waypoints/flash castbars WTF!
    Activate aoc.exe (right click, run as admin) in "Age of Conan/Data/GUI/Aoc/"

    Can I use Strange UI without aoc.exe ?
    yes, but you will miss all the candy such as custom mousepointers, yorgomirs waypoints...

    What is Sweet FX ? Does it impact the game core files ?
    SweetFX is a graphic enhancer that plays with lights, shaders etc. It is a simple copy/paste of those files in your game directory. Core game files remain untouched.

    Is there a specific ingame graphic setup to use SweetFX ?
    No, but I recommend 1.30 Gamma, no God rays and no antialiasing.

    Can I see the effects of SweetFX directly in game ?
    Yes. Press "Scroll lock" to turn it off. Press again to turn back on.

    How can I change SweetFX settings?
    Inside your game directory, even if you are ingame, open SweetFX_settings.txt and play with numbers. Save. In game, press "Pause" to load the new settings.

    How do I switch from one of your SweetFX preset to another?
    Just go to your game directory, open the SweetFX folder, choose the preset folder you want, copy 'SweetFX_settings.txt' and paste it in the game root directory (replace the existing file). If you were already in game, just press "pause" to load the presets.

    I have tried SweetFX and now my game crashes, what do I do?
    Delete all those files from your game directory.

    Is there any donation possible ?
    You having fun in AoC, that's all I ask

    Do you intend to update the UI very often?
    Only If I have new ideas...which usually come from you guys

    How do I uninstall Strange UI ?
    First, deactivate aoc.exe (right click, run as administrator), then delete the "customized" and "aoc" folders in "Age of Conan/Data/GUI/"

    Does the Ui work on any screen resolution ?
    Almost. Some parts might be too big in 800x600 and too small in 4K, but all the other resolutions should look ok.

    Can I add mini skillslots?
    Yes you can! Check out the tutorial, last option page in AoC UI Installer

    What is the name of your toon in game?
    Umahn, on Crom. Feel free to /tell me

    Options list:

    • Flash castbars!
    • Bottombars (32)
    • Social Menu and minimap display (3)
    • Portraits (22)
    • Fonts (2)
    • Text colors (3)
    • Mousepointers (6)
    • Combo sequence Indicator (4)
    • Emote window (2)
    • Powertab background (5)
    • Inventory display (5)
    • Bank display (2)
    • Moveable target's target
    • Menu buttons color (8)
    • Castbar background (2)
    • Castbar color (13)
    • Mob's directional shields color (5)
    • Login background (14)
    • Loading screen lore (2)
    • Assassin soulshards (3)
    • Waypoints (2)
    • Combat rose color (7);

    I will add more options in the future.

    Version notes:

    -New bottombar: Lurvi Setup (see here)
    -New bottombar: Minimalist 3 bars
    -New bottombar: Ultra Minimalist 3 bars
    -TT option: big lifebar
    -TT option: Lurvi's trip (normal lifebar, thin stam/mana bars)
    -Options: dark combo sequence indicator
    -Option: "Lurvi must be on drugs" color texts
    -Fix: classic "group buffs" overinfo now works

    Seurity Update
    Fully works with AoC Quick Start
    Download still available here

    -Several SweetFX presets to choose from: just go to your game directory, open SweetFX folder, choose the preset folder you want, copy SweetFX_settings.txt and paste it in the game root directory (replace the existing file). If you were already in game, just press "pause" to load the presets.
    -Challenge and daily rewards buttons
    -Raid finder Button
    -show/hide gear in emote window
    -About the "premium glow"...let's say that I intentionally forgot about it
    -Fix: extended bar 2, button 1 and 2 of the 3x21 bottombars
    -Fixed a bug where right lifebars could be messed up
    -F2P can now see their savings
    -Option: 10x5 bank display
    -Fixed bank display options

    -SWEETFX (still) INCLUDED: Not activated by default. If you want to try it, open Strange UI and delete the first "AOCUIInstaller.xml" you find. Then continue the installation as usual.
    -Option: Bigger raid healthbars
    -Option: 4 New castbars
    -Option: 1 new bigger movable target's target
    -Option: Movable target's target with or without buff/debuffs
    -Option: Classic social menu
    -Bottombars: Moriala setup
    -Upgrade: Quicksettings script
    -Upgrade: Larger names on target's target
    -Upgrade: Longer cast names on castbars
    -Upgrade: Toggleable normal castbars on emote window
    -Fix: Emperor's golem script
    -Fix: 1 worldmap button for minimalist bottombars
    -Fix: Some portrait and buffs positions
    -Fix: Minimap for minimalist bottombars
    -Fix: Some visual bottombars

    -1 new button under the minimap to open the worlmap
    -SweetFX Included. Not activated by default. If you want to try it, open Strange UI and delete the first "AOCUIInstaller.xml" you find. Then continue the installation as usual.
    -Updated Yorgomir Waypoints mod (September 7 2015).

    -Option to have smaller tabs
    -Updated Emote window
    -Rage o Meter
    -4x17 bottombar, mapped like Mirage UI

    -Yorgomir WayPoints option!! (08.26.2015 update) Check his awesome work here:
    -Naga bottombars
    -"On The Fly" (OTF) inventory
    -5 new castbars designs
    -2 new assassin soulshards designs
    -Invisible mini skillslots next to the top menu
    -Stealth indicator: new look and more obvious
    -Group/raid hover info window updated
    -95% opacity castbar option
    -Borderless worldmap
    -How to add invisible minislots instructions in AOCUI Installer
    -Lowered minimalist bottombar
    -Clock in flash via emote window
    -Combo starters now indicate if they hit or miss
    -Worldmap is now rezisable to ~ the size of the minimap
    -Fixed inspection window
    -Fixed movable target's target, its description and instructions in AOCUI Installer
    -Fixed 3x21 shortcuts

    -The 4x15+ bottombar
    -One textcolor option (colored like mirage UI)
    -Invisible castbars option, for those who want to use flash casbars only
    -Centered buffs/debuffs display for all Vertical portraits
    -Bigger buffs on floating portraits
    -Quick installation process tutorial in AOC UI Installer
    -option to hide mainhand and/or offhand weapon in vanity tab
    -Changed the combo/spell/object... description window to match the rest of the UI
    -Fixed the quest tab. Long quest text won't be cut off anymore
    -Changed the pve, pvp and spell tabs display to match the other tabs
    -3 options to move the minimap and social menu
    -Fixed the perk bar on some bottombars
    -Changed some horizontal portraits a tiny bit (fire, elec, poison, blood)

    -Group/raid class icons now have colors
    -New powertab BG by Phroilan Gardner
    -New option to have vanilla text colors
    -New option to have movable target's target
    -New Keaira login screens option
    -Ultraminimalist now has a descreet top menu...below the bottombars.
    -Ultraminimalist Sidepanels are lower
    -Minimalist's top menu is shorter and more transparent
    -PVP button becomes pvp/grp (left click to acces pvp window, right click to setup group and loot options)
    -New Guild/FL button
    -Rezwindow is now black
    -Scrollbars have a new look.
    -14x14 inventory becomes 14x15
    -Fix minimalist minimap bg

    -New bottombars layouts with key mapping like "Corruption UI": 2x21 / 3x21 and 2x21 / 3x21 BIG ICONS
    -New minimalist and ultra minimalist bottombars
    -New vertical portraits (fire, elec, poison, blood)
    -New directional shields colors
    -New slideshows with a lot of screenshots
    -Flash casbars now save their location and color
    -New bank display option 25x12
    -Aoc.exe by FOXCAT

    -Customizable Flash castbars by FOXCAT
    -3 colors options for mobs' directional shields
    -1 new powertab BG + option to have no BG
    -1 new loading screen
    -Option to have no login BG
    -New grey buttons everywhere except flash elements
    -Instance selector: your instance is in white, other available instances are gray
    -Strange UI's Emote window now has buttons for "ByCrom" and new flash castbars

    -Several bottombars types 2.17, 2x17 spaced, 3x17, 3x17 spaced
    -New mouse pointers, green, purple, blue, darkblue.
    -New portraits
    -Bigger life/stam/mana bars
    -New delete/share buttons in quest tab
    -Bank mail fixed
    -Bigger target's target
    -New combo arrows

    skipped to avoid confusion with the original UI, also in 1.4

    -2 new bottombars types 3x25, 3x25 spaced
    -3 choices of inventory slots/sizes
    -personnal bank space in 12x8
    -Option: No Howard's texts during loading
    -"chrono" becomes "stopwatch" in emote window.
    -Changed the death screen

    -Bold font option
    -Small change to the bottombars layer The old layer, the new one.

    -combo sequence indicators "horizontal small", "horizontal large", "vertical small" or "vertical large"
    -Option to choose the first login background to appear (12 possibilities).
    -Larger buffs/debuffs (from 31pixels to 35)
    -claim/token buttons for F2P players
    -larger Icon for loots (from 52pixels to 60)
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    Thumbs up

    Fantastic UI I love it. Thanks for updating it MisterClean. Also thank you to the others Bombatta, Henryx, Cappa, Smurfas, IKOS for helping with this UI.

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    Hi, UI it's nice but for me will be better with little changes.

    - Buff's on up a little bit larger
    - Combo steps not to right ( i mean from down to up ) and a little bit larger
    - Clearer fonts ( clearer red and white in everything )
    - Larger bags ( when we open loot box or something )

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    Thank you guys!

    Paput, you are right, buffs may be a bit too small.
    About combo steps, I will add the option, it's a very good idea too.

    However, can you tell me exactly what is hard for you to read with the font I used?

    As for your last point, do you mean that loots are too small?

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    Yes, when we open loot , squares with items and items are too small I think.
    And what about fonts. I mean in items descriptions. Now we have grey font color in descriptions, better to change it to white.

    PS: My english is not well, I'm now mobile so tommorow i will contact with you to send some screens.

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    Ok, I have added:

    -Option to choose between "horizontal small", "horizontal large", "vertical small" and "vertical large" combo sequence indicators.
    -Option to choose the first login background to appear (12 possibilities).
    -Larger buffs/debuffs (from 31pixels to 35)
    -claim/token buttons for F2P players
    -larger Icon for loots (from 52pixels to 60)

    Now I wait for your screenshot concerning the fonts before I reupload the UI.

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    I have changed the bottombars' layers (and left portrait accordingly) a little bit, it will come with the next update.

    The old layer is now a tiny bit different.
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    You can see. Everything is more larger in IKOS ui, I mean fonts.
    This font size I want to see in your UI in everything.

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    It's not larger, it's bold. I'd say it falls under personal tastes here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Angellis
    Off-topic: I would pay a lifetime sub if FC changed the name of Strike to Guard to the "Oh sh*t" combo! The tooltip could read: "The guardian realises they are now in over their head, and, having soiled themselves, are less likely to receive attention from their target."

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