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    I heard SLI performance in AoC is awful.. is this true? Does it depend on your setup? Or is it just SLI itself?
    I even saw a video showing a setup with 2 GTX 770's and it was causing the guy stuttering. I don't want to buy a second GTX 780 and have this issue. Anyone have experience with AoC with an SLI setup?

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    AoC does not support SLI or Crossfire. That's all, just run it with a single card. It needs very little GPU power anyway (unless you're playing in 1440p, 4k or something)

    Don't want to go off topic too much but SLI and Crossfire suck in general and are a total waste of money. The micro-stuttering inherent to multi-GPU setups has been mostly (but not entirely) fixed in recent cards, at the expense of a large amount of added latency to smooth things out. The performance gains are pretty much never anywhere near 100% but on the other hand the driver issues, heat, power consumption and noise (with air cooling anyway) are simply awful.

    Single GPU pushes lower fps numbers in benchmarks, but the perceived smoothness and responsiveness are better and it's simply much more reliable and more efficient.
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    This TestLive thread might be helpful:

    Quote Originally Posted by tronkita

    The SLI profile for the game is not working in DX10 maximum quality.

    If you check the nVidia profile for the game, some settings are wrong.

    The number of GPUs in DX10 mode is set to 4. And the predefined SLI mode is set to AFR, which causes artifacts in the game.

    Set the game to DX10, use maximum quality settings, and go to Chosain, and take a look at the water (full of artifacts), and at the framerate (< 10fps). You will also notice about frame rate jumping, and other issues with far objects.

    If i set the number of GPUs to 2, and the SLI mode to SFR, at least the game runs without artifacts, and the frame rate is still ok, but, the GPU usage is around 50-60% per card.

    But, the DX9 profile works, and very well.

    Is it possible for you to have a talk with nVidia to fix the DX10 profile ?

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    When i had SLI 580s i had so many problems and lower performance then using one card, so i disabled SLI for AoC in the control panel. Didn't bother anymore. Honestly, Funcom needs to take a look at the engine and improve it's performance, maybe include DX12 update when it's released. Cause honestly performance in this game is horrible. A 780 runs this game with 50-85fps at maxed settings quite sad, when i run much more graphic demanding games with much higher fps. This game doesn't even fully use my gpu running at 60% utilization.
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