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Thread: Trial by fire vs AoK sword

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    Default Trial by fire vs AoK sword


    I was wondering which one is better? Trial by fire or the AoK sword?

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    Enough hit rating =go for trial
    Not enough =Aok sword

    As far as pve is concerned.

    Choose your destiny :P

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    I prefer the Trial of Flame even in T4 assuming gear is Brittle Blade or better - you get more than enough hit from gear and pressing. The difference isn't big though, so if you're lucky enough to get the AoK sword and don't have more MoA/rares/insignia than you need, I wouldn't bother getting the Trial afterwards.

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    PVP: Trial (no hit rating, a lot of armor);
    PVE: AoK (hit rating).
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    • remove AoE looting;
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