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Thread: Subscription offer live discussion

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    Default Subscription offer live discussion

    The new subscription offers have just been posted here:

    I don't know about the rest of you, but it feels a bit disappointing. Besides the extra free time, you get some Tokens of Gilding (probably on just 1 character), and if you sub for 1 year, the choice of PVP or PVE tier 1 armor on one character. Not all that interesting for a Vet.

    I'm also sort of surprised about the instant level 80 character option. Seems open even to brand new people, who would be max level before knowing the first thing about how to play. Will be interesting to see how things turn out, lol.

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    Totally disappointing. There is nothing a vet can use here. As always, vets are treated like nothing and new players are treated like someone, who supported the game for the whole time.... Well Funcom, this wont earn you much money and will cost you more veterans...

    Once again, not a clever move by funcom marketing. It is really the most incompetent marketing team i ever saw.

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    Yeah, I'm very disappointed to. And think that they have "worked on this" for so long, it's not at all good month for Funcom, no WB on time + bad sub offers. Particularly poor annual membership.
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    A bit disappointing, I was hoping for either a completely new mount or pet, or to be able to get a mount from a previous offer, like the white tiger... But the price for a mount in gilding tokens is like 12 or so I think, so I guess you can technically get one (albeit not very pretty ones). Should've expected they would do more stuff with gilding tokens though.

    Kinda ambivalent about the instant 80 option. On the one hand, it's not too horrible for veterans (you should absolutely not use instant 80 on your first 80...), but veterans already either have a. all the 80s they want, even all classes for some, and/or b. tons of offline points they haven't used, so instant 80 holds no value for them. That leaves new players, who, imo, shouldn't even use offline lvls or xp pots, but just enjoy the game while it's fresh for them. Ah well, whatever brings Funcom some cash is good I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    Not all that interesting for a Vet.

    I'm also sort of surprised about the instant level 80 character option. Seems open even to brand new people, who would be max level before knowing the first thing about how to play. Will be interesting to see how things turn out, lol.
    Exacly! Why veterans are ignored in a game pretty much supported by vet player is beyond me.

    As for instant max levels... thats the new WoW way, it sold WOD expansion like hotcakes. Can't blame FC for trying to ride that cash cow all the way to the bank.

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    The account page has not updated with the offer yet. It is a pretty underwhelming offer but I guess that's the best FC can offer.

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    i actually like it, there are many new players and some vets that want to make new characters but don't have the time.
    altough selling lvl 80 characters is a bit "extreme" from my perspective, but i don't really care, sad for those who get his character this way, hyboria is a wonderful place and there is a lot to do for fun. not only end-game content.
    i would have sold lvl 50 characters and the gear apart

    i don't know what the vets want really, afaik they wanted extra gametime, and there is extra gametime.
    a discount would be nice tough

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    As a veteran payer I cant really think of anything that I'd like to have that isn't too much to ask that would end up being totally unreasonable...
    White tiger mount we had 3-4 years ago was a nice offer so maybe there could have been something along those lines...

    I think this is a decent offer, getting an extra sub time is a good deal cause it is essentially what matters.

    I don't see the reason to whine about this time, what I would like to see is a new sub offers with different goodies coming more often.

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    Things I'd have wished for:

    1. Wolf mount (have seen horses and tigers)

    2. Wyrm mount

    3. Coffer of Infinity account wide

    4. New pvp or pve ring account wide (or even one vs this stuff)

    Social gear isn't my cup of tee, but social pets are nice. Just would have to be something special to make it worthwhile

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    What I would really like to know, is exactly how the Gilding tokens will work. If they are really just 1 time, on 1 character, then that is just c**p, and I would have to say Funcom never learns. If it was on every character you have currently created, then that would be better and would make be seriously consider going for it. Now if the Gilding tokens were for every character, now and created in the future, then I would sub up in a heart-beat. That would feel worth it to me.

    What I licked about the old sub offers from many years ago was that the bonuses were for every character you have, and any you created later. You bought that sub offer once, and you get the bonuses forever. And were applicable, they were unlimited claim on each character. That was the proper way to do sub offers.

    If they did the Gilding tokens on all your characters, current and future, then that would be like the good old sub offers, in that we can spend them on something like a cool mount on all our characters. That is where the real interest and value lies.

    Edit: Again, what Funcom really needs to re-learn, is that what they offer must be account wide.

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