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Thread: Beginners - SPLIT mini games by ranks 0-5 / 6-10 for better pvp progression

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    How about making pvp t1 availlable at lvl80 pvp0, t2 at pvp5, t3 at pvp10. Also the 80 AA points at level 80 could be given to f2p players as well while premium players might get more. I would even say the aa given at 80 should be more than that, but I bet that would cause some mindless debate if that is fair to players who had to farm their AA up the "hard" way years ago- as if that would make any difference to them now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by viroku View Post
    I say fresh lvl 80 should get at least 200 AA points (that is with 79 from lvling) so he can get nice start. Also some blue t0 gear would be nice so they can at least contribute in minigames.
    I still believe that AA is bigger issue but i understand that not everybody has will to endure torture to get pvp 4 gear so there should be some solution.
    THIS IS K + for it , but remeber all us start at pvp0 , who do pvp is normal at start take more dead of kill!

    p.s would also be much appreciated to give at least AA main players free, that suffer so much in pvp these imbalances
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