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    Default Kalevala syndicate

    Kalevala Syndicate
    is recruiting players from Finland!

    Kalevala Syndicate is a community for Finnish-speaking MMORPG players.
    We have a long history of playing MMORP games and currently, there are few guilds in various MMORP games bearing our name.
    We have a website, an active discussion forum and for online communication, we use Mumble.
    We have also established a non-profit association to support our work and communication.

    Our principles:
    We are a casual community that aims to create a relaxed and friendly team spirit within its guilds.
    We organize raids and other events on regular basis for those that enjoy playing as a team and like to face the enemy together.
    Good reputation and respect for other players is important to us - thus our members are expected to be polite and helpful and behave in a mature way towards all players in all situations. We wish to maintain the relaxed playing style in our guilds. Thus, we have no intensive raid schedules or other expectations and tight rules making playing less fun for casual gamers and people with families. We accept new Finnish-speaking members. We have 18yr age limit.

    Kalevala Syndicate
    Server: Crom
    IRC: #kalevalasyndicate (qnet)
    Leader: Alpo
    Officers: Lutti, Jurnukka, Jspqueror, Xitrix, Teemuc, Okram

    Raids: regular T3/T4 with Domus Serpentis
    Khitai HM: Daily
    Guild City: Poitain lvl 20
    PvP: Depending on players
    Guild City: Almost full T3 (only few walls missing)

    If you are into relaxed, casual gaming and enjoy the social aspect of MMORP games, you are welcome to apply!
    Officer positions will be open to those willing to organize in-game activities and participate in developing and managing the community.
    If you are into writing and would like to create Finnish game guides or become a news editor or a blogger - just let us know!

    Join Now!

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    Aloitamme säännölliset viikkopelit Hyporian maailmassa torstaina 9.10,
    tule tutustumaan kiltamme toimintaan

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