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Thread: tos in premades with pom nerf?

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    Default tos in premades with pom nerf?

    has the pom nerf made the tos worth considering for premades?
    40k kills
    [Deathbyheals]: but you'd get face f*cked in 2 seconds if you didnt have all the cheats
    [** a 'The Law' insider**]: actually they(the law) flame u the most[**a The Law' insider**]: the y(the law) say u hack like a bitch
    [Group] [Aoccompanion]: oh no its hacker bowless
    [Hotranger]: i heard you were a cheater
    [Chriscause]: Sinful nice speedhack

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    lol poms were nerfed?
    Nojoda pvp 10 Barb
    Pooba pvp 10 Pom
    Elosso pvp 10 BS
    Kotech pvp 10 DT
    Deeky pvp 8 Necro
    Beefstikk pvp 10 Guard
    Beefchief pvp 10 Conq
    Denoid pvp 8 Ranger
    Mousecop pvp 9 Hox

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