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Thread: AOC Strategy Board Game – It’s Back!

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    Default AOC Strategy Board Game – It’s Back!

    Anyone played the original board game?

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    Yep i have it. It is quite good actually. It is a Risk that... works! You play one of four kingdoms, Aquillonia, Stygia, Hyperborea or Turan. Then you expand your kingdoms by conquest or diplomacy. You have certain amount of turns to gain victory points and at the end you calculate who has the most and that one wins.


    You try convince Conan to be king in your kingdom and he either accepts, and you win, or he doesn't and he lops your head off.

    Conan is an npc in the game and he randomly creates mayhem in different lands as the game goes on.

    It is a fun game! Try it!
    Hamsters and rangers and everyone, REJOICE!

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