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Thread: Conqueror must be nerfed finally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belsvard View Post
    Conqs are not as OP as people say.
    they may be a bit stronger class or seems to be but not something that debalance the game.
    of all the soldiers, in pvp, Conq is perhaps the weaker.

    one good conq may be difficult to kill as any other class, but they're not that OP. is people that are just whining at everything they can't kill.

    the only class that i see a bit OP is DT, but is pretty much the same.
    THE Only reason u claim conq isnt that good is cus: there arent many that rly masters them annymore... there are some and those usually shine.. dt is great vs people that fight in a pile and doesnt understand that the more people dt has infront of him, the more dmg he does on all...
    if people just learn to kite dt witch u can do. Try kite away from a conq or guard. I know this since i play all the soldier classes­čśë
    Kraamz dt pvp10
    Kramzor hox pvp10
    Quickdash guard pvp7
    Kramzz bs pvp5

    Pressostate conq pvp5

    AFK into the unknown =/

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    Or we can just send all the whining pvp`ers to fury "Problem" solved

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    I must say...i laugh while reading some comments,like "conq is not that strong"
    Conq is the most OP of the soldiers atm!
    Btw just referring to pvp,no one cares about pve...cause let's be honest....i don't think a BOSS cares about ur class being OP or not lol.

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    Being a noob I really do wonder how the conq is so strong, since no one really shined on crom enough to wipe the floor with all of us in every situation (legit ones, that is). The ones that came from fury for a day or two also got a lesson in unbalanced minigames :P Much could've changed in 4 months, though, so I dunno. What I'd like to see changed is boa tied to physical hits, useless feats given some purpose (t1 brute tree, anyone?) and debuffing appropriate for the technique/formation one is currently using, not just 30ppm on every of them, which is just silly.
    As for carnage... Well. That's another story and I understand the frustration.

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    I am a noob in PvP, but I play it and learn new tricks now and then. Having played barb and conq, I must say conq is way easier both in terms of getting kills and surviving.

    Conq is really hard to kill, although the other soldiers can't complain. In my opinion, soldiers should keep their offensive capability but their survivability should be reduced.

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    I am guessing you plas as carnage, then, because you should easily outkill a brute on barb :P

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    I play brute, because I am unable to hit with 1h range most of the times with almost 200 ping. I guess I'll get used to it eventually, but, so far, brute is easier for me.

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    To be honest the most people on this forum doesnt understand that its depends on a player how op a class can be. im playing nearly everyday minigames and seeing about 3-5 conqs usually. the only good one that ive noticed is kuropatva atm on crom.but he plays every class very good. Well if conq is so op and easy to play why 95% of players sucks with it? I personally find skilless demos and rangers that pushing 1 , 2 , 3 from behind way more dangerous then a brute conq. Btw brute specc is so ****ing slow and the ccs are easy to avoid.

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    conquer no es op

    Dt =op=conquer
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    Default ok..

    Quote Originally Posted by Giorgio View Post
    Conqueror must be nerfed with 4.4. His crazy op -4500 armor debuff which makes any other tank like a clothie caster should be reduced by far imo. Second of all his gayish 2 bubbles should be changed. They make a brute conq a god. Its lame theres 1 class who can faceroll all others and this isnt fixed.
    Agree..only if they remove VOM from Dts completely..and I mean completely...then yes..Nerf Conqs..otherwise don't touch them..!!!!
    "To the Humble He gives His Grace.....From the Proud He Hides His Face"

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