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Thread: Divine lance

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    Exactly, Caudillo. On Yakhmar fight if adds are grouped tight, the damage increase on Hellfire Stream by selecting the furthest back target is immense. Typical numbers for me for Hellfire Stream are 20-30% of total damage done. I've not played a PoM in that fight but I can imagine a Lance of Mitra would have great effect there as well as other column attacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post
    1. No. The cooldown is 2.5 and the cast is 2 seconds. You can cast a lance of mitra every 4.5 second. Lance > smite(4.5) > lance > smite(4.5). The heal is 356 on max. 356/4.5 = ~79hp/s or to put it simple. It's an additional green heal.
    2. Blue heal + divine lance will be a lot more than just a blue heal.
    Thanks for the numbers. As you said it's an additional green heal, it has its uses, but the point I was making is that it's way behind blue heals in terms of healing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post
    I dont see how you can lose any dps from feating it.. Unless you are going some sort of super weird hybrid or going divinity/general. The damage on lance is higher than on smite.
    That's 10 feat points to get it maxed, in a divinity/vengeance build my opinion is that these points are better spent elsewhere (spiritual feedback, force of will).
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    Quote Originally Posted by redpooo View Post
    That's when the two targets are close together, each target is hit by divine lance, and each other target is hit by the splash damage of divine lance. This basically results in twice the damage of a smite nuke.
    Say you have 5 mobs stunned in a small grp(all hit eachother with spash). Wont this deal tons of burst on the poor mobs?

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    Yes, just shift-tab to target the mob in the back so Lance passes through the others.

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    Doesnt all targets hit with lance of mitra also have splash dmg. So if you stack alot of mobs together they hit like 2-4 times on each mob?
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