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Thread: Big Brain / Testicle World Boss

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    Look at the global chat.
    Look at the instances actually containing a wb.
    Of course those for whom it is working fine are not complaining.
    The others simply seem to skip this boss or are not complaining because they crashed.
    Just compare, no need to exaggerate anything. If it works for you, fine. This is not a trolling or laughing matter (as for Zatochi) and does not rule out, that others are having their undeserved problems with this boss more than on other bosses (though the khopshef one was similar...but back then at least it was better, if you waited and i only crashed when trying to move into existing fights).
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    I turned off player nametags, turned off world particles and spell particles and had some lag. Eventually turned off the labels for the spawned adds.

    But did not get into any crashing or redline issues. I have a moderate computer, not super-duper.

    They were spawning pretty fast though last night. I could finish one and pop over to another one. So far I'm flagging alts so all my ports are up (10 more to go since I went out to dinner last night). Still working out the mechanics on the spells since I don't have particles up. Think there were 40 plus fighting it, didn't count the numbers though.

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    The crashing seems to be dependant on people active (mainly), the memory leak (from transitions and relogging), active pets (luck based how many necros and demos are around) and the player behaviour. All factors you can not influence directly. I also suspect certain item looks (the engine seems to reload them on demand) and sounds, but this is just a suspicion (and what speaks against sounds is, that even a file check did not improve).

    Of course all the usual player influenceable things you mentioned above do help (some A LOT).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubium View Post
    How many people do you have trying to kill it on Fury anyway?
    easier to do with 12 then it is with 24 and 2 guys saving the world boss, because the pvpers totally mess up the fight.

    if WB is killed at HoC then anyone getting hit by pvpers has to kite and healers heal less instead of dps on the boss which heals the boss up.+ anyone that dies cant take mount back because of kbs.

    if boss is brought to pad pvpers run in fight causing guards to go kill pvers, which then insta kills them on pad because they are criminals which heals boss. and if the pvpers are at the pad they are relentless making boss impossible at pad.

    this morning at around 10am eastern on fury there was a raid of 24 and a raid of 18 attempting to kill the WB. a group of 4 that became 6(including my lvl 39 necro) healed the boss up from 68% to 100%

    at 3pm eastern there had only been 1 WB kill since WB started
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    Last night I made a raid, selected my players and we then killed it two times in a row relatively fast. Maybe 30-35 players total hitting the boss including some lowbies (but eh, it's nice to have fully maxed settings with a good framerate and 100-120ms constantly, from Europe yes) but it was bearable.

    I just wish the WB had less hp on Fury, at least -30% or so. Third attempt turned into a pvpve mess and I logged off but it wouldn't have been a problem if there was a not a couple of fools healing it constantly (they wouldn't listen so we kicked them and killed them but they kept running back in lol).

    Two of the biggest guilds of Fury were having a t4 raid last night though, might be a different experience next time.
    Expert Shield of the Risen opener.

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    Some players and big parts of certain guilds are doing this healing on purpose...becuz them thinkz itz fun and they canz.

    Health reduction, heal reduction (or disabling) and disabling of the 70m rule and making it easier to get on the aggro list (if you get hit by his aoe, you should be on it). Or doing some damage over time with a ranged weapon) is needed to fix this boss.

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    People just don't want to invest time in an MMO. A true showing of ADD. I think AOC isn't a game for you if you just want to start out at max levels. You should try star wars, Call of Duty, AION, or any of the other instant gratification games.

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    and then I got infractioned.....
    People just don't want to invest time in an MMO. A true showing of ADD. I think AOC isn't a game for you if you just want to start out at max levels. You should try star wars, Call of Duty, AION, or any of the other instant gratification games.

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    Default I rather solo wb or just group with 1-2

    I found doing WB's is best to be alone which I have smooth fps & rarely if any dc goes on. if u must group do no more than 3 in group might work for you might not. all you can do is try.

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