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    Default Im gonna return... this game. Im not very fan of mmorpgs. The only mmo that I liked was Age Of Conan. The rest of them have always been garbage to me. Im a hardcore TES single player games fan. Thousands of hours in Daggerfall,Morrowind,Oblivion and Skyrim. I was subbed to AOC back in 2009 for a year or so. I returned in 2013 again and was subbed from april until march14 more or less. I jumped to Elder Scrolls Online because you know...Im an Elder Scrolls enormous fan and I supposed that game would make my waiting for TES VI single player game easier. But now I feel I have to return to AOC again. I think ESO is right now far away from being a really good game for me because being an mmorpg is really far away from TES single player games experience so as I supposed from the beginning...for my taste is a bad idea to have Elder Scrolls universe being online. Maybe in some months it will get better for me but for now...even having payed a week ago for two more months...i think im gonna leave for some time.

    So here I am thinking about resubbing to AOC. This game is something really especial to me mainly because of the artistical design,graphics,music and atmosphere. I see that every year some people always says the game is dying. But the game stills here and im just installing again the game and updating.
    Just to say hello again and how I missed some AOC in my life!
    I really want to see the new crafting system. Lets hope it will be out this year.
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    Welcome back Meleagro, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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