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Thread: Ranger's need a DPS Buff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahielm View Post
    Funcom i hope you're reading this!!!
    If you want funcom/game dev. to read it, you need to post it on the test-live forums. Also I think it would help a lot, if you posted it with some reasonable suggestions instead just writting "Bwaaaaaaaah my class is weak and I want a buffffffff".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahielm View Post
    Ranger's dont even have any self buffs like every other class has!!. whats the reasoning for this? and dont says it cuz we OP, cuz where NOT!
    Master Trapper 45% weapon dmg, Marked for Death stacking 10 second weapon dmg buff 85% at 5 stacks, Marked Target debuff on target gives yourself and any melee that hits target stacking 10 sec buff 85% at 5 stacks, Furtive Strikes -30% hate for 10 seconds after advantage.

    I know you mean 4 hours buffs, but your post is misleading.

    The "advantage" a ranger has in PVE over other classes, is the ability to do 1300-1800 DPS with 0 threat of pulling aggro, whereas the demos and necro's will pull aggro far sooner (assuming tanks suck). With all that aggro endgame tanks can generate, this advantage diminishes and rangers become irrelevant.
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    I wouldn't look forward to a return to the old-school ranger. As I've said elsewhere, I like the buff mechanic since it provides more flexibility than regular combos... but whatever, I guess I'm a voice in the wilderness.

    However, I can think of lots of ways to improve ranger dps and gameplay, while maintaining the current combat mechanic. First, I'd like to see all directional arrows incorporated into the mechanic,not just one upper, one lower. Each arrow could provide a different benefit with the ranger getting the choice of which two to pick out of the five. For example, one directional arrow would be to bypass shields, another might be to add damage to traps, another might be to add health, etc. etc.

    Next, it would be nice to have these "buffs" removed from the regular buff bar, and treated like the assassin shards so they would be more distinct and visible to the player.

    A few other things that would be nice to see... reduce the cooldown for unused advantages from 35 seconds to 20 or 25.

    Increase the proc rate of the adaptability/double attack feats to at least 30%, or do away with them altogether.

    Add flame barrage to combos affected by master sniper.

    Change inner focus so that it provides improved evade for ranger while upper/lower buffs are active, rather than extending the duration.

    I don't endorse separation of crossbow/bow combos, but I think the melee aspect of the ranger could be improved. I don't have any suggestions about that since I don't play a ranger to do melee, though rationally, I think melee should be more cc capable than ranged. Anyway, there are lots of other classes that are better for melee and I would pick one of them if that's what I wanted to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahielm View Post
    Dear Funcom,

    Rangers dps needs a good look over and buff, we are usually always lower dps compared to other DPS classes and the nerf we got awhile back was very unnecessary.

    Other peoples feedback is welcomed aswell ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Utogi View Post
    So killing players in 4 shots is to slow for you ? /digusting thread.
    The OP is referring to PvE.. this is an ancient argument not worth discussing here.. but alot of ppl do PvE and ranger dps in PvE is the worst.. makes class unplayable and even undesired in some cases by raid leaders in fact, (with the exception of using ehausting traps for Louhi fight in T3) the only use a ranger has is to scoop up raid loot so it doesnt rot.

    The class needs a complete overhaul.. it has been nerfed to the ground over and over since 1.05 all for the sake of PvP.

    Feat trees should be seperate, either xbow or bow... xbow feat tree should be the heavy dps tree.. bow tree should be your heavy focused dot tree (fire, poison etc)

    just my humble opinion
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    Quote Originally Posted by caveowl View Post
    (with the exception of using ehausting traps for Louhi fight in T3)
    and that feat got nerfed by 40% a few patches back.

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    With a guardian using call to arms and battle cry in their group ranger DPS is pretty good. Weapon damage scaling is very strong so they should just make feats like Rune of Aggression, Visions of the Sky (and other buffs from other classes) to buff weapon damage (ranged) as well as melee and it would be doing very high single target DPS in the right group.

    The boredom with the playstyle is another issue and not so easily addressed without giving the class an overhaul which I simply don't see coming.
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    You won't win a parse's with a ranger, but who cares. They have decent burst and sustained single target DPS with the right spec and group buffs, not as much as some but not bag enough to really complain about. PvP, no one needs to even comment on their dps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shax84 View Post
    and that feat got nerfed by 40% a few patches back.

    aye my friend, and trust me , it didnt get nerfed because Louhi was QQing

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    Quote Originally Posted by caveowl View Post
    aye my friend, and trust me , it didnt get nerfed because Louhi was QQing
    Nah but PvP DT's running around with Malacodor and Soul Bareer up QQ'd a lot.
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