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Thread: help with skill book choice

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    Default help with skill book choice

    Hello if you could only afford one of the 4 skill books which one would you chose and why? I'm about to purchase my first one and would like to know which one would yield the most benefit, for pvp mainly but I dont discount the pve benefit either, thanks for comments

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    from pve point of view -> soul for our feast (aura of dread fury?)

    pvp -> sfof and mystical bane

    hardest to get -> unhallowed blight from pillars of heaven

    easiest to get -> mystical bane from yag if you go for the spawn

    i would NOT spend minigame tokens on a DTs combo since they all have little impact on pvp. if you buy a combo you will have even more trouble getting all that sweet pvp t2 stuff once you hit level 6 (dont forget about these awesome pvp6 t3 rings with lifeleech).

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    mystical bane and leech life 5 is a must. Very easy to get though.
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    Buying a book is a waste of rares. You will get them eventually if you do hms. With 200 rares you can get gear that will improve you char more than books imo
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