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Thread: Booming Roar 4.3

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    Default Booming Roar 4.3

    Bear Shaman
    * Booming Roar is now an instant-cast spell.

    With this change, I do believe I will be trying this spec out.

    I am really curious about Slaughter as I have never had it before... does Armor Penetration really do that much? I presume it is more beneficial against heavies...

    Instant silence... I do believe that would be even more beneficial than the bubble, especially in a team setting.

    How long does the silence last? How long of a cool down?

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    4.5 duration silence
    45 seconds cooldown
    (on testlive as we speak)

    Changes still doesn't make it good enough, as said many times while bs revamp was going, and now.

    Silence is anticlimactic. Sacrifice silence to make it interrupt only ability castable mid-animaion.

    Armor pen is good, and with Companion in addition helping out debuffing... Even non crits can blow your mind.

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    could be kind of cool tbh ;> i'd spec pretty much the same though i'd prefer ether theft -most underrated combo imho- over brutal walker/Mani of Sun and Regrowth. Winters Bite should be maxed as well

    might be worth testing boaming roar with maxed surge of bile silverperk -> and additional charge, lykantrophic bite(!) and another BR every 2mins seems kind of cool for a magehunting annoyance-spec

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    Surge of Bile doesn't reset BR =(

    Bugreported it one and a half year ago, hopefully they'll fix it with this patch maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurvi View Post
    Surge of Bile doesn't reset BR =(

    Bugreported it one and a half year ago, hopefully they'll fix it with this patch maybe.
    oh ok ^^ well if they fix it they should make it an ability in that process, since a casting time on this skill seems a bit odd given its purpose of a 'beeing able to explode once more'-skill due to lykantrophic and another charge

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    To roar your feet and hands can be doing other stuff.

    It makes sense for this to be instant ability.

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    I ran around with this spec today:

    With precise strike = 1400 armor penetration = big lol Everyone becomes a clothie for you and instant BR is so wonderful. But the animation is strange- before it was the same animation like ursine crush and now the shaman lifts up an arm like a ranger for traps, but I guess it's bugged same as animation of ursine crush. I hope they gonna fix this on Monday.
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