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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [Pve] Rework "Breach" with better loots or in solo instances with few tokens.
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    Edited by Tomium: Multiple off topic suggestions.

    [Community] Contests - there are so many creative people, just give them support and reason to spent time with AoC
    -writing - quests, events, short stories based on Conan lore
    -graphics - concept art, armor recolor, new skins and textures (e.g. Best community Cape design or Zone loading screen)
    -apps - simple flash games using AoC graphics, sounds and music (release toolkit)
    -video - promotional, machinima
    -modding contest (+better support and toolkit)
    -other - NPC/Companion design contest (using the ingame char editor) etc.

    [UI] Ingame calendar with scheduled events (also accessible on web site)
    [UI] AA timer in character selection screen
    [UI] Toolbar icons for macros/scripts
    [UI] Expanded 3-row bottom toolbar (should be available to everyone without installing custom UI)

    [Pets/Companions] More combat pets - accessible form lvl 20, quest based progression (e.g. hyena )
    [Pets/Companions] Customizable social Companions/Followers - customizable look (skins/vanity), have story background and can give quests

    [Environment] More intense weather - implement snow falling (Atzel's Approach could be so beautiful), blizzards, thunder storms, lightning!, low visibility fog, heavy rain and darker nights

    [Zones] Crafting zones revamp - lvl 80 zones with factions (Lacheish - Vanir, Aesir / Poitain - Zingaran, Argosseans / PL Swamp - Shemites, Kushites), maybe some kind of simple MOBA mode..
    [Zones] Sell permanent access to individual Khitai zones in item shop
    [Zones] Day/Night cycle in hub cities - merchants move indoors during the night, night streets should be darker and more dangerous (robbers, only few guards)

    [Events] Trade fair in Khemi (caravans side) - new Khemi Trade Fair faction, faction quests, merchants of different cultures, rare items with limited stock, tradeskill items, gambling merchant

    [Achievements] Collections for achievement system - for people who like to collect item sets, pets, generic and tradeskill items (e.g. Botanist - herbs)

    [Misc/system] Simple player "housing" - interiors accessible through existing doors in cities (similar to Lazuli Suite in Khemi, Villas in Noble), not customizable
    -stash - account shared space for gold, account bound and other items, tradeskill resources, access to postal service
    -summoned own alts - possibility to inspect equipment, alts may give quests

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    [PVE] Award Rare Trophies for select quests in Dragon's Spine.

    That'll get people to use the zone.

    [PVE] Buff Lurker loot.

    Why does this boss give such poop loot?
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    Lightbulb [Misc]

    Edited by Tomium: Fixed this for you.

    [MISC]A verification procedure to check if an issue is actually fixed or just attempted to in the past.

    [MISC]Better feedback on community reported bugs.

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    Edited by TomiumL CONCISE

    a high end mount like a Lippazaner Stallion which will do dressage movements such as strafing and rearing up and walking on hind legs.

    [Interface]It's hard to tell if the shield combat system is really doing anything... Could you make it so that I hear one of 3 distinctive sounds when I hit a direction which is shielded?
    [Interface] Make ranged combat more interesting. Other MMO's did that by changing abilities to occasionally "proc" certain conditions that when taken advantage of will increase dps considerably.

    You can expand the lore without changing the original conception and work by Howard, deCamp, Carter, Jordan, et all.
    When doing the quest The Tiger and the Moon at step "Throw Blood at Min Cho's Holy Shrine" I used Repulse to knock the boss that spawned back but that caused him to despawn.
    Let players heal the target dummy so we can check healing numbers. Let the target dummy hit melee attackers back so that any abilities that proc based on being hit or dodging or blocking can be practiced.

    Come up with some system where the player community can contribute to the code and/or design of the game.

    When offering quest rewards and you show a tooltip of my currently equipped gear next to an offered reward, allow me to hold down <alt> to see my currently equipped vanity gear.

    When beginning the quest "Unjust Deserts" in Purple Lotus Swamp by speaking with Cadonius he says, 'everyone ran around like headless chicken'. Chicken should be plural since it refers to what the plural noun, "everyone", was doing.

    When I command my Demon Howler to attack something it doesn't make a sound.

    My Demon Howler is one ugly wolf.

    Make class specific character sheets.

    Take a page from Google's playbook. One day a week, let your developers work on _anything_ they want (as long as it is game related.)
    "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
    -George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903)

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    Default Play the Game

    Edited by Tomium: CONCISE.
    Funcom needs to have employees constantly playing the game. Every class in all situations and without a GM tag.

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    [PvE/PvP] Demonologist: Make so that only direct damage spells consume Pact of Dread, and make it not work while having Hand of God buff.

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    PVE- Please fix the pads in Zodiac instance. It's very annoying when they freeze up and cause you to wipe.

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    [Items/Pets] - Introduce pink hair dye. Everyone likes pink.

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