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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [PVE] Upgrade the LL prot gear with better stats. There is no way in hell a prot LL geared solider can make it into the t3/t4 aggrolist.
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    [Misc]Vanity shields and spears on back with duel swords sheathed. multiple vanity weapon stash points (slots like thigh, knife only vanity or belt vanity sheath weapons 1,2,3 for extra hanging weapons. Too make you more Menacing)
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    [PvP]nerf/remove assassins lotus overload it grants them passive immortality to magic damage and cc resistance, make it proc protection and armor instead

    [PvP]bring back previous version of burst of aggression for conquerors this version is too op

    [PvP]delete necrotic bombs and adjust frozen hatred snare in necromancer class

    [PvP]remove stagger or add resistance immunity buff to stagger comparable to other cc's

    [PVP]delete taking the shot perk for rangers and roll back revamp with bow/xbow diference and combo system brought back

    [PVP]make blood ravine 3vs3 match

    [pvp]make totem torrent 3vs3 death match no totems

    [pvp]make call of jebhal sag 6vs6 match

    [pvp]add kill player switch when he overstays underwater more then 10 seconds in cimmerian end and in call jebhal sag, call it pirañas similar to shark death in deadmans isle

    [PVP]remove death stat and make rest of pvp stats visible including siege/minigame win/loss

    [PVP]3vs3 & 2vs2 arenas with brackets 1-3pvp lvl and 4-10 pvp lvls with prowess and pvp xp gain for winner and looser,
    places wich already exist should be turned in these arenas, namely khemi arena & sailors den in tarantia, keshatta arena, renown underkeep arena, field of dead totem's arena.
    would be great to have a diferent one in each hub city, maybe add some social gear rewards to be bought with pvp tokens from participating in them with diferent motifs kin to each hub city culture.

    [PVP]add a weekly update ranking system with something along these lines
    -biggest killer overall and by class
    -best healer
    -best flag carrier

    .highest ranking players of each class would get to own a powerfull weapon wich:
    -would drop in combat with 50% chance of this happening
    -would have pvp combat only stats
    -would be rewarded/reseted weekly to biggest killer

    [PVP]guild based pvp objectives

    [PvP]wanted dead player kill quests generated by guild officers

    [PvP]steal from oposite guild cities quests

    [PvP]destroy enemy guild city resources+buildings

    [PvP]generic kill "x" amount of enemy guild members

    [PvP]make all guild buildings a tad more important in the bonus they grant by 0.5-1% max and make them easier to build so its conceivable to destroy them for pvp objectives, meaning traskill areas similarly to border kingdoms be by default pvp enabled

    [PvP]make sieges a 24man minigame with victory tokens and multiple objectives to destroy buildings all quest driven, and main quest to destroy keep or defend it granting victory tokens.

    [PVP]remove shrines of bori

    [PVP]remove all guards in every single server and cryminal system

    [PVP]add pyre system from cimmerian end to all border kingdoms

    [PVP]improve all dodge(double tapping) mechanics so they are meaningfull in pvp again

    [Misc]merge all servers and let pvp festival rotate each week in a diferent border kingdom, also separate global chats one pvp one pve, make them only accessible to post when in pve instance or when in pvp instance mutualy exclusive to post but both readable.

    [PVE]fix entity in t4 like its been sugested so any balanced raid can defeat it make killing projection hurt boss or any other of the other ways wich were sugested many times like simply reduce boss health or make the crystals buff be higher.

    [PVE]allow multiple players to enter slaughterhouse/atilus mansion or revamp them to solo dungeons dropping each 1 rare max from last boss, currently epic mode doesnt allow for a group to enter so its solo content for bored players in certain classes only utterly impossible for intended player range lvl.

    [PVE]keep revamping old world dungeons to have hm lvl 80 version, especialy make onyx ala house of crom!

    [pve]add crit/magic/combat rating blue quality potions to raid vendors.

    [misc]start thinking about adding voice recognition integration so people can bind combos/abilities/spells with vocal comands, also it would be perfect for minigames to have a channel assigned to each team like many some other pvp games have, it would work realy great for aoc to have this

    [pvp]delete tournament mode in minigames add forced separated cues: pvp 0-3 pug signups, pvp4-10 group signups

    [Crafting]do not implement critical crafting its retarded and will transform non-crit items into trash, and will turn crafting into a massive grind of wasting materials untill it crits.

    [Crafting]add diferent cultural themes to guild cities allow diferent motif architecture for guild cities of at least main cultures, aquilonian-stygian-kithai-cimmerian, based on the hub cities walls and buildings.

    [Crafting]add chance to build tents of diferent factions in guild cities with npc's issuing pvp quests against oposing faction in other guild cities. like burn down oposing factions tent in another guild city

    [Crafting]add more construction nodes and diferent types of social builds to accomodate better roleplay and player housing roleplay in guild cities, simple nodes for open cultural buildings and tents.

    [Crafting]allow factions to give you short term tents to be placed in adventure zones and guild city instances adding small buffs and npc's to aid you in your adventuring/questing

    [Crafting]add signets to crafted items with procs, like in tsw instead of idiotic crit rating, add signets to pvp daily quests and to boss loot box tables.

    [Crafting]add stables to guild cities with quests to grow your own mount with your personal stats choices

    [Crafting]let guild leader be able to align to diferent divinities theyr guild temples allowing for diferent culture shrines+temple builds to be constructed in guild cities with diferent passive guild wide bonus, also the temple high priests should give pvp quests to destroy and stel religious items in other guild cities of diferent religions or of same religion

    [Crafting]thieves guild should sell ropes to allow scalling other guild cities walls

    [PVP]siege mounts should deal 20 times more damage then now to siege walls, and have added to all mounts massive weapon damage buff to allow players using bow/crossbow while mounted.

    [Misc]add sacred items to have reduced drop rate in raids to be placed in guild cities granting passive guild bonuses, items should be reseted every week and only one per week should drop per server, same item should be stealable and should only grant bonus if its placed in guild city temple where it can be stolen.

    [misc]female chars should have bigger hips and asses go full out bbw
    something along that size.

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    [PVP] Make K/D (the kill-to-death ratio) visible again.
    • Remove daily rewards and the raid finder;
    • remove membership bonuses;
    • disable PVE XP for daily challenges;
    • remove WBs forever on Crom;
    • slow down the AA gain;
    • lower the PVP XP gain or remove the streak system;
    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    [PvP, PvE]Assassins Feats:

    Make Unholy Strength 10%
    Make Snap Kick instant.
    Remove shard cost from other cast CC's.
    Up the % for Cats Paw.
    Make DWW 3 combo steps.
    Make GB 2 combo steps.

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    1. Make 'every' cutscenes can be skipped(make popup appear)
    2. Make wagoner don't take money first before you've ported.
    3. PLS fix transformation glitches(particle remains on hox/lich necro)

    1. Stagger immunity is bit short.. make them bit longer
    2. At this moment, everyone can charge to 1 target continuously and that target can't move at all before all of them used their charges ;p way too stupid. Its bit similar with when silence had no immunity debuff and thinking that time for casters... Brr
    3. Add vote to kick some tards who hurts our team.

    1. Pls let everyone can know when someone kick/invite some guy into guild, such as- 'A' kicked 'B' from the guild, 'A' invited 'B' into the guild..?? (and of course if someone leaving the guild by him/herself we can use current message,'someone left the guild') -probably in guild announcement would be nice.
    2. Make who gathered highest reknown points can use special title(make guild leader or officer can choose which title will be used.) on their characters during next week.

    1. Pls make some khitan faction pets can be used in every instances. (of course, yellow lotus and some cc related ones shouldn't be)
    2. Make every utility items (cursebreaker charm, wagoner scrolls, merchant contract scrolls, 1gold rez charm-forgot its name :/...etc) have same max stack number for consistency, imo I prefer 100.

    Well... I have no idea its no longer possible or not, pls enable to use custom fonts in game again.. Seeing same fonts for 4.5 years is BORING..
    Or if its still possible, pls ignore this ignorant's remark.

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    [PVE] New combat animation packs for each class unlocked through faction related quests.
    [PVE] New Fatality animation packs for each class unlocked through faction related quests
    [PVE] New idle animation packs unlocked through faction related quests.
    [PVE] New spellweaving animations packs unlocked through faction related quests.
    [PVE] Adjust t3.5 difficulty to make it a viable stepping stone between t3 & t4 at present this is not the case.
    [PVE] Introduce melee combos for tos polearm with unique abilities.
    [PVE] Player housing which can be built with matts ranging from small abode to mansion styled villa, choice of location in cimmeria stygia khitai & aquilonia.

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    Edited by Tomium: Marketing is not an appropriate subject here. "OK, Sign Kellisia"

    [PVE]: Phantom Zone for world boss (Mini raid) 12 People take on Duel bosses in a Phantom Sprit form. Bosses drop a phantom ghostly armor and weapons.

    [PVE]: Add Lvl 90 and with that some more feat points to the feat tree.

    [PVE]:Put more world drop epics in game. With good balanced drop rate. Add in a "Luck" Meter that increase world drops reset every week.

    [PVE]: Faction Shoulders, Hands and Belt should be added to the vendors for solo players.

    [PVE]: Add New Soloing content, An have the world boss purples likely to drop in the new solos.

    [PVE]:Raiding - reduce raid cool downs to every 4 days and not ever week. (Thus for those people who work and have family)

    [[PVE]:Reduce Khitia quest from 20h cool downs to 10 or 12 hour. (Thus for those players who work and have family)

    [PVE]:Reduce the gold cost of Khitia gear by half

    [PVE]:Reduce the new Raid weapon vendors tokens by half.
    (between gear and weapons, Vendor looks useless because prices
    weapons may drop in the weeks or raiding.

    [PVE][PVP]: Design more gear and make the drop rates better. This is a given increasing the amount of gear and possibilities of it improving or looking good for the person will make them want to
    play more.

    [PVE][PVP]: Increase monies in game. Players need other way to obtain Gold with in this game. Increase the amount that comes off basic PVE adds would be a start More silver over copper an Higher amounts from questing.

    [PVE]:Switch certain items around in Khitia that make player have to grind from one faction to another. There is no excitement in having to grind to rank 4 in one faction than have to reverse it for just 1 item to the opposing faction to obtain that item.

    [PVE]:New Accessories that are more attribute based that focusing on a characters main attribute. Yet the item may still have other attribute on it and stats that will make it usefull.

    [PVE]: Open weapons and accessories to all classes
    Notice Priest can't buy Mage dagger. An DT's can not access priest items for wisdom if they wanted to. Easy fix open all Armor and weapons and accessories not class specific. This would make Heave and Full play armors accessible to cloth types for vanity. If they choose to wear it for game play let that be their choice.

    [PVE]: Increase Drop Rate of Sourmetal Salts by a small margin.

    [PVE]: Have mounts dismount normally or quick dismount in khitia when running into city.

    [Crafting]: With crafting revamp undergoing Please do not make it where you need a raid to craft something. If your a solo player or small guild who pugs out raids just to raid. The hard mode used to Craft the Ibis's and T3 weapons just doesn't seem fair. Crafting should be more based on "Single Player", Yet to craft something epic it should mean just to obtain more materials for that item based on "single player". This making Crafting equal for every player.

    [PVP]: New Minis

    [PVP]: Reduce Mini Game cool down to 2h or 3h. THis will provide more tokens for those who are asking. It will increase more mini games. This will also make the game more worth wile for those who have limited time due to either work or family and so on.
    [PVP]:Vote kick from minis

    [PVP]:Level optional minis
    Tab 1 All
    Tab 2 1-4
    Tab 3 5-10

    [Interface] : Add to On screen messages when someone sends you a tell. Example = Tell from -John doe- .

    [Misc]: Connect players Gold banks between Characters so we don't have to log in and out so much just to look for or get gold off another character.

    [Misc]: Add Cross server minis between Fury and Crom

    [Misc]: Note: Suggestion Reduce the grind in the game in many areas. This might be good for player who work long hours(Also military) Players who may have family agro.

    [Misc social]:Enlarged buttocks, the ability like Breast but given to both male/female toons. In other words Baby got back.
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    [PvE and PvP] Allow non-attacking pets to stay in combat.
    [PvE] Change the raid vendor for weapon and accessories into one vendor that offers all the weapon and accessories regardless of class.
    [PvE] Weapon vanity
    [PvE] Allow any class to wear any armor as vanity.
    What's wrong with a sin who want's to wear plate for vanity?
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    [Items/Pets] Add social ability to decrease character height to lowest possible setting you can choose when you are creating new character.
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