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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [PvE] Make Raid Finder lock like all raids.Currently, the majority of players is doing only this and nothing else.
    [PvE] Add atlantean shards to Unchained dungeons in the form of urns from last boss of each dungeon that can be needed/greeded/passed.
    [PvE] Make the chaos gems drop from all dungeons in Dragonspine besides Slithering Chaos ( Coils of Ubah Kan,Sepulcher of the Wyrm ).
    [PvP] Let PvP players form teams and be on the same team in their mini games.
    [PvP] or make a "ranked" queue that let them play together if the above suggestion can't be implemented.
    [Misc] Revamp the subscription prices.

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    I know the game isn't getting any new content from here on out but I would love to see character recustomization be added, even if it costs Funcom Points.

    I'm talking total recustomization. Choose a new face, new skin color. Of course you can't change race or class but I would pay money to redo some of my characters faces.

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    [PVE] Include the option to see all NPCs who provide quests - colour code the ! above their heads and on maps (grey/green/orange/yellow/red). Some of us, self included, are quest hunters - we do as many of them as possible.
    [PVE/PVP] Include a couple extra tabs for armour. It can be like this: PVE, PVP, Vanity. This would give extra bank space but also remove the need for doing multiple armour switches. I've been told that soldiers have 3 armour sets - dps, tank, protection. Perhaps 3 extra functional tabs with activation abilities for PVE can help in this situation (or if we're not soldiers/using multiple armours, can select them as other Vanity tabs).
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    [pve] need low the price for Khitai's items, now them are too much expansive compared to the T4 gear. F2P can be full T5 (10g items) but cannot be full khitai (12/14g)
    [pve] fix for balance the stats on Khitai's weapons now pratically unusefull, for example critical rating on 2HE barb and prot on 2HE conq (just for do one example)
    [pve] remove T3/4 relics and rares from the blue chests Raidfinder and put one cooldown 2 or 4 house on it as it is for any other content in game. RF as is now, focuses all the attention on itself, with people that is them 24/24 7/7. This empty and make unusefull all content T4 or less in game!
    [pve] add one WB vendor or add WB's items in sold to proper vendor T3 for right amount of T3 relics + WB Portent relics
    [pve] fix the old Tier's vendors for sell all weapons/accessories, as is for PvP (1 accessories vendor with all accessories tiers, 1 weapons vendor with all weapons tiers).
    [pve] add T3.5 weapons vendor as there is one for each raid (except T6 for obvious reasons)
    [pve] fix balance on T5, tactics are nice and funny but ihmo, excessive resistence of the bosses, make the fight too much long, increasing the length of the fight unnecessarily, which increases the chances of mistakes in addition to making the fight too much repetitive, atm T6 is easier than T5 imho and except for the rune, there are few resons for be there from when the armors are nerfed without complete set bonus (putted on rune, now).
    [pve] also if you dont want work on AoC anymore, we know we will not gain new dungeons/raids, give us at least some new unchained, that should be easy work cause you already have the dungeons. Sanctum Unchained, Black Castle Unchained for example and one Onyx Unchained or fix it with old drop-rate for who love collect T0 skins
    [pve] add atlantean shards on normal raids to revitalize those content (1 shard for each boss T1, 2 shard for each boss T2 ... 6 shards for each boss T6 etc.)
    general revamp the sub priece as promised
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    [pvp]Remove Vanquisher Quest. It's been exploited so hard it has killed mini's
    [pvp] remove pvp armor, so the big mouths have to actual play the classes instead of facerolling the keyboard, This will force people to raid again for gear.
    [pve] player housing, so much can be done with it
    [pvp/pve] shut down the game if you aren't going to complete it. It still has many features listed on the box that is not in the game and that is false advertising.
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    pvp: ban the cheaters we have been reporting for months?

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    Lightbulb Quality of Life Improvements/Suggestions/Issues

    Age of Conan would greatly benefit if something like were to be implemented.

    "Your feedback means a lot to us. This update features many improvements based on what you’ve been saying and telling us over the past several months. We have no intention to just stop here, either–we’re always listening and always willing to adapt to your needs."

    This is a great game, with great storytelling, incredible art, visuals, sounds, and much more. It has potential!

    My Suggestions/Issues Log (some may have been reported already):
    UPDATED 12/3/2017


    Issues Log

    - Remaining alt-tabbed for too long will occasionally disconnect you from the server.
    - Change the UI elements to appear on-screen instead of sliding in from the side. This would also prevent a bug where you can drag the map away from the screen before the animation ends.
    - It is possible to open the same item description box by clicking on the link multiple times, through the chat window.
    - While mounted, your character is not centered in the Equipment/Inventory window.
    - Attempting to use the Assassin ability "From the Darkness" with no target selected will display "Target is not a character". This ability can be used on both creatures and players.
    - Multiple UI elements are not properly sized when opened, causing a noticeable re-size.
    - There is a missing space between Active Quest and the Quest Name in the map UI element (bottom left);
    - The order in which text is displayed upon logging in, is incorrect:
    - The Feats and Alternate Advancement windows have no open/close or button sounds.
    - If your movement speed is too high, your character will stop animating properly. Example: As an Assassin, use the ability "Accelerated" and then sprint.
    - When interacting with an NPC that offers a Quest, the ? icon will remain active above the NPC during the mini-cut-scene. Quest updates should occur before the cut-scene begins and after it ends.
    - When a Creature/NPC is killed, its name-tag momentarily changes to the color green.
    - Treasure Chests in the Tortage starting area are incorrectly labeled as "Bag of loot".
    - Sprinting while mounted (such as on a Horse) will cause your character to pant.
    - You can see through terrain if you hug your screen against it.
    - You can climb over unusually steep terrain if you sprint-jump.
    - You are unable to leave the Tortage Inn if you are mounted.
    - You can toggle Dances while moving.
    - Miasma: Lotus-Coated Dark can be used while rest is active. No animations or interruptions of any kind occur.
    - When a Creature/NPC is killed and lands on angled terrain, it will occasionally glitch and shake, repeatedly, until it despawns.
    - You can click on multiple abilities at the same time and trigger their cooldown. Example: Mount -> Quick Dismount -> Mount Ability: Equestrian Bow.
    - Self-enhancing abilities, such as "Avatar of Death", will remain active, even if you die.
    - If your Health reaches 0 on the UI, you will not die.
    - If you die in Thoth Amon's Stronghold (past the timed areas) and die, you will not be able to recover your Tombstone.


    Suggestions Log

    General (Website)
    - Implement HTTPS protocol for main website (
    - Implement a Navigation Bar that provides information about the company, other games, and more.

    General (Game Client)
    - Implement a 64-bit version of the game.
    - Change the main menu to automatically target the "username" field. If it is saved, make it so it targets the "password" field.

    Age of Conan Update Manager
    - Change the wording "Scanning local files..." to something like "Verifying files...".

    Resource Download
    - Merge all playfields together into one downloadable file size.

    User Interface
    - Replace the .SWF User Interface with Lua or some other lightweight, fast, efficient language. Let's be honest, for 2017, the UI is dilapidated. It needs a fresh new approach to looks, style, and feel.
    - Modify the game font; current one appears to be dilapidated or pix-elated.
    - In the Options Menu, add an option to 'Log Out', instead of just 'Exit Game'.
    - Remove the Logging In dialogue box that appears when logging in. It is redundant.
    - When the same item appears twice in the loot window, combine them into one slot. Additionally, this would also appear in the chat window (example: You received [Amber Bead], You received [Amber Bead] -> You received [Amber Bead]x2).
    - There are inconsistencies in the display text between receiving money and items. When you receive money, it says "You've received %money!". When you receive an item, it says "You received [%item]".
    - Logging Out will cause the Item Shop UI to pop up. Please consider only doing this when first logging in from the client.
    - Items which "heal" you, such as potions, have vague descriptions. It says "Heal <amount>. It doesn't specify if it's Health or not, but it is. I suggest something along the lines of "Restores <amount> Health.". This could be used as a template.
    - Consider removing the spinning motion when you die. This sometimes causes your screen to glitch when you are near anything that offers collision.

    - Remove the ability to receive the Fatality buff when you kill a critter.
    - There is too much sprinting in the game. From an over abundance of Stamina potions, to Dash and Run Speed increases, it's simply too much. It is too easy to continuously sprint without consequence.

    World Environment
    - If possible, dramatically reduce the amount of zoning between areas. This would help add additional immersion to the game.

    - Improve targeting Icon (Arrow) to perhaps include textures or by removing the milky 3D and animation:

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    Give an ability to change mount skin colors, and armor too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikkimori View Post
    pvp: ban the cheaters we have been reporting for months?

    pvp: ban the slackers who join mini games but don't play we have been reporting for months!
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    How about a Christmas themed event? With some Holiday style vanity attire added and maybe some random snow on the landscapes. I'd love to don a Santa hat while ganking plebs in the zone

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