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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    Introduce majority kick vote in raid finder for the total knob heads who deliberately afk and leech off everyone else.

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    [PVP] Add a -25% Magic Damage Penalty to defensive stance and + 5% Magic Damage boost for frenzy stance for soldiers. That would force DT's to switch frenzy for DMG and not always
    stay in defensive like turtle still dishing out huge dmg numbers.
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    Add new RF Gems cause my tos needs more dps!
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    [PvE] Change the raid finder window to show how many queued in each category at any time - eg 3 tanks, 3 healers, 30 damage....instead of the rather uninformative "tank needed"

    I think this change will make raid finder raid form faster.

    And ideally also where your character is in the queue after you sign up....this way those who have very limited time to play do not sit their entire gametime as 17th+ in damage queue or 7+ healer queue etc
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    How about adding functionality to the weapon vanity slots that are currently non functional? Would like to change my weapon appearance.
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    [Misc] Lock and/or delete this thread because it's pointless on having it up when there are currently zero developers working on the game.
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    Default [PvE] T-3 Simple Relics

    Should add a use for T3 Simple Relics after you have all T3 items you need. Trade up would be the most reasonable even if it was 10 to 1 or something. having them just pile up with nothing to use them on is bad game design.

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    [Dark Templar] Change VOM to a skill that has to be activated, something like 20s duration with 60s cooldown.

    [Ranger] Give full global cooldown for ranger traps. If use knockback or root trap, the other traps goes also on full cd. This way rangers are forced to use melee cc.
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    Fix running shot exploit and add a short cast time on traps. Like 0.5 seconds would be reasonable
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    Make Hox Phoenix Cloak instant cast. Bubble with cast time?
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