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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [PVP] Fix bleeds- for some reason bleeds are counted as spell damage activating (when hit by spell damage buffs on a enemy)
    but mitigation comes from armor! and combat log records slashing/crushing damage

    [PVP][PVE] Bring all players together population of AOC is to small
    We have PVPs and PVEs on one server while the other server has PVPs and PVEs (Find some middle ground bring all AOC population together)

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    [UI]: An option about "lock in place" energy bar and combo's "square bar" (like timers) would be nice.

    [Gameplay]: Increase servers band-width, to avoid boring red lag-spike (expecially in WB's days).

    [Game behavior]: increase staff controll in istance/mini. Many Ppl abusing bug (like passing a door in a determinate istance, i dont say name , everyone know 'bout it), or using 3rd part program in minigame (again i dont post videos, that anyone can find on utube, or my post will be deleted again, tnx).

    [Game behavior x 2]: Forum is always well "controlled", but Global Chan in game nope. The game have "Adult Rating" ok, but sometime some players pass "the limits".

    [UI]: Account wide "friendlist" and "ignorelist"

    [Gameplay]: revert sprint to old style, was more tactic play, and the stamina resource had a sense.
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    [Misc] When doing /camp you get stuck on logon screen saying can not connect to character server.
    [Misc] When relogging it can take minutes to get to character screen. I have 100MB/s internet so there is absolutely no bandwith problem on my side.
    [Misc] When crashing and having to kill client you can not log back on until the 20 minutes passes and the character automaticaly disconnects.

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    [$$$] Charge US and EU players equally for subscription. If that's impossible for whatever stupid reason, give a few extra FC points or something to EU players for compensation.

    [PR] Get a marketing department.

    [Graphics] Get the ****ing toilet lid off of Avatar of Xotli's head.

    [PVE]/[PVP] Put in a hardcap for critical hits, possibly a percentage ceiling based on archetypes. Crit inflation steadily and slowly ****ed up everything since RotGS launch.

    [PVE] Rework Unbinding Charm so it's not unusable for all intents and purposes. Make it targeted or pointblank AoE.

    [UI] Make friend/ignore lists accountwide.

    [UI] Stop the spambots already. It can't possibly be that hard to prevent level 1 characters from posting on chat channels.

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    [misc] crowfund future improvements, like crafting, to accelerate them. Make the crowfunding for individuals, guilds and servers. Make this permanent, with a permanent crowfunding for every new features.

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    [PVE] Make Unbinding Charm a cone effect like Steadfast Faith.

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    Alot of people like leveling and running dungeons as a duo. How about slightly increase the difficulty of the solo instances " fogotten city, deadmans hand, iron statues, and refuge of apostate, slaugherhouse cellar" to make a DUO mode. Basically an unchained for duos. Shared loot except for the rares. Its more fun doing things with ppl even if its just 1 friend.

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    [PVP]Reward the siege wins with Victory tokens.

    [PVP]Nerf the exthausing trap against players.

    [PVE]Create NPC to the map of the world bosses in fury. The NPC should give a buff to the players which makes them unattackable by other players with the same buff in the 150m distance of the worldboss
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    original UI looks nice but should have more options to customize it, and more shortcut bars.

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    Default [PvP]

    [PvP] either make pvp tokens account wide instead of character bound or reduce the amount needed. Gearing alts is impossible ( who has 18 hrs a day to play for 2 years straight just for a piece of gear on a few alts)

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