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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [PVE-Raids] Remove the gold stars from group leaders in raid frames. Replace with gold colored class icon, or keep the gold star but also add the class icon as well.

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    [PvE] - for position-changing emotes like /exhausted, /danglefeet, /lounge, have camera move down to sitting position to match camera position of /sit
    [PvE] - decrease volume on the Zhang Xin caster's "Die Die Die" spell sound effect. It's several times louder than the PoM's similar Smite sound effect.

    [Interface] - Stop having the FC store pop up in character select for players who are formerly subbed and have crashed out of game and now want to log back in. If you click a little bit wrong, you can end up with a pop-up you can't see behind the FC store page and end up having to close the entire game and re-open it. Besides, it's just in the way.

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    [pvp] Since the pvp festival is lockout content for the majority of players (depending on server and guilds), please offer other alternative ways of receiving victory tokens. Minigame rewards, the daily pvp quest, random loot boxes containing them and dropping in pvp and conversions from other tokens are just a few options there.
    OR offer participation quest rewards including them and rename them "festival tokens".
    Do nothing and only a chosen few will be able to get them..but maybe you are catering them intentionally?

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    [UI] Split current "Companions" tab in a "Paths" tab and a new "Companions" tab with everything that is not a path.
    While you're at it als make it sort in a normal alfabetical order, and check desciptions because "Pet : Loyal Kappa" comes before all other "Pet:"(notice the space)
    Xiuhcoatl, Xipil, Udiya, Zhoerong lvl 80 HoXes .... multi-speccing?
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    [Chat] Implement custom channels, much like what you got over at Secret World (except not broken if possible).
    [UI] Accountwide ignorelist at the very least. Friendlist too but make that one toggleable.
    [PvE] Open up Vistrix and BRC (at least one wing) to froobs. With the worldbosses handing out pink pixels like candy, there's no logic to keeping it locked.
    [PvE] Cut down on the token madness. Merge those pointless Khitai trophies, or even remove them completely and sell faction blues for insignias/moas. Merge T1 and T2 raid tokens, there's no reason for them to crowd the interface.
    [PvE] Remake the shitty Unbinding Charm. It's still an unusable piece of fail.
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    [F2p model]
    Open khitai to non-suscribers
    lock all HM, raids and rank 4 quest

    is rude to force players to pay for what they already bought

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    [PvP] Make PvP tier 1 set availlable at Level 80, PvP 0 to help new players and the twinks of vets to gain a decent chance to contribute to the team instead of just being canon fodder. Adjust the PvP2 T2-Set to be availlable at PvP 4/5 and adjust/decrease the cost of tokens. PvP T3 can stay as it is.
    This way fresh 80ies who don't have access to raid-gear have a fair chance to get a glance at PvP without being too much of a letdown to their teams.

    [AA-System] Make the 80 initial mastery-points availlable to non-subbed players also, because even if they decide to sub for 6-mans and such their missing AA will lock them out. Hardly anyone will do normal modes these days and the gap between vets and fresh 80ies in AA is pretty high.
    Another way to adress this would be what Belvard above me described.

    [Servers] Either merge the remaining serves into Crom, creating a new instance-type for each zone where PvP is enabled, or implement X-Server tech. I would prefer the first option, as it would enable players of Crom to expierience the PvP-weeks for their full potential.
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    [UI] Remove pet GFX option in video settings, increase performance by removing all player pet graphics & effects in game.

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    In pre-Dreamworld client textures in DX10 client was much more detailed and with higher resolution. Why not to take them from old client and implement into new, only for dx10. WoW has thousands of character models remastered, lotro has dx11 client implemented, conan can have HD-textures, and devs dont even need to do much work, just copy-paste them. Players cant do it by themselves, because updater deletes modified textures

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    [Items/Pets] Make it possible to spend veteran tokens to purchase new dyes from the vendor in Old Tarantia.

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