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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [in game shop]

    - generally reconsider your prices in the shop

    - Sell Gold ! EGPAL currently sells 110G for less than 5€ so be reasonable with your pricing.
    - Sell raid reset pots like you have in The Secret World
    - Sell a scroll to increase your maximum gold amount as a f2p player

    [Raid Encounter]

    Black Ring Citadel Wing 1-3
    Please remove the trash mobs or at least cut their number in half, the grindig is killing what is left of the fun !

    [Khitai Dungeons]

    Kang Pagoda
    Nerf the 3 adds in HM, their damage output is too high and if possible move them closer together so we dont have to attempt this ridiculous stack pulling with a cross bow anymore.

    remove the self heal on the boss

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    Fix the server lag, remove the team and pet gui changes and fix the looting in minigames (right now it's set to rolling enabled by default).

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    [Enigmata of Yag]

    Either remove Tetharos the Slaughterer and X'cth the Annihilator or give them the same loot table as the Spawn of N'yarlathotep.
    Searching for the Spawn with a ranger is just boring and tiresome yet everybody insists on it.

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    From TSW anniversary event:

    All Guardians now provide three tiers of rewards based on your contribution to its defeat: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
    Go and steal that for world bosses and raid finder. Deadline: yesterday.
    Hayde, dead Dark Templar of Xotli
    and her long forgotten brotherhood: Berbelek Bookah Esthle Esthlos Illea Jamei Margrid Sanessa Shahai Sharila Vassone Vizu Xami

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    A weekly quest for rank 3 with pit fighters and gladiators just so you feel some meaningful progress when getting that rank. it does not need to give more than 2-3 of those faction coins , but it feels silly that there is not decent progress when ranking up.
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    [Vanity / Character Customization]
    Make a barbershop / character creation token that you can buy from the cash shop or in game that allows you to change your face, hair, beard and color etc.
    I know there is vendors who sell all this stuff but this would make it so much easier and user friendly and I really don't understand why it wasn't made this way from the beginning lol.
    Buying tattoos is pain in the ass since u don't know how it looks like lol.

    [Items - Armor - Weapon]
    Make a preview window for all the armor and weapon so you can see how it will look on your character.
    This is done in Secret World so it shouldn't be hard.
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    Remove all wipe mechanics from the raid finder raids otherwise people will be wasting their lives as trolls have a lol. Or remove the enrage timer from Zaal.
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    The rare potions stack to only 5 per stack (such as Potent daggamalt, Absolute Moonspill, Bonesoul Ale etc etc). Increase this stack to allow 100 to stack like the other potions in the game (such as daggamalt and purified daggamalt)

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    Default Crafting

    The crafting issue is only get worse now with the Raid Finder and In game Store. I do realize the time and money it would take for a total revamp of the system but maybe a few smaller changes would help the game economy. I suggest doing another "crafted" gem that has the base gem drop in Khitai. This gem would add x amount of critigation, when crafted, to crafted gear. This would promote some of the "old world" crafted item to be bought and used it Khitai. Most items are already there ie; jade for example. The recipes for these gems could be dropped in 6 man and raid instances. If the "old world" and Khitai instances were more intertwined it may help both.
    Just a thought from a crafter

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    [PvP] The Chosen of Gullah event - To prevent the issue where the same player keeps getting the Gullah buff over and over again, delay the next person getting Gullah for a second or two and add a debuff after your Gullah buff ends, preventing you from getting it again. Also, fix it so killing guildies gives points, otherwise this event cannot be played among guildies.

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