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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    [PVE]/[PVP]: Make Khitai area for guild Keeps/ border kingdoms (pvp area)

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    Been thinking on the following for a while, since I used to take part of them in a different game.

    Basically consists on Guild Owning the zones that we raid, where rewards are given (in AoC those would be different, probably extra PvE/PvP buff and renown) weekly.

    So for example and at convenient times for everyone, every Saturday we would have Guilds doing siege to own/defend Yakhmar Cave and one of the Black Citadel Wings, on Sunday to own/defend Vistrix Lair and Upper Floor at Stronghold.

    - each Siege Area would place 24 vs 24 players (or 12 vs 12 to make it more lag friendly)
    - Guilds would obviously start in opposite locations
    - defending team had to defend the Core for 15 min to keep owning
    - attacking team to destroy the Core within 15 min to own
    - there would be res pads with smaller Cores to destroy, protected by Guards (all on defending team side) - attacking team would want this for nearest res pad, therefore also giving the defending team a chance to move forward
    - Main Cores would also be guarded with Guards stronger - no respawnable
    - Main Cores would not be healed
    - PvP Level and Equipment should not be worth more than PvE, to promote more Guilds non-PvP to do it or a PvP-buff should exist to balance (like in The Secret World Fusang)

    (think I kinda covered the idea)

    This would be to offer one more thing to do on weekends, different.

    Note that I am not a AoC PvP Player
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    I'm just going to wishlist super hard based on all the hype pre-launch and some of the early launch features.

    -Rebuild the PvE guild city zones, or dust off and re-code the zones that were scrapped before launch.
    -New(old) combat system like it was pre-launch without ability buttons, combos are triggered simply by correct keystrokes(allow players to pick between the syestems in settings).
    -PvE sieges!
    -Combat formations.
    -Hired mercenaries.
    -Weapon slots in the vanity tab!
    -Full expansion in another region like Zingara, Argos, Nemedia, Zamora or even expand on all the existing regions.
    -Make melee rangers viable at least for fighting once the enemy closes the distance.
    -New crafting system!
    -Revamped and cleaned noble district that you access once you complete all the quests so it's not constantly in turmoil.
    -New class medium/heavy armor spear and shield fighter.
    -New class cloth armor hand to hand/staff fighter.
    -Release tools to the community to create zones, armor and weapons that Funcom can use when building content.

    I know none of this will happen. I just thought I'd share my dreams. I love this game and I hope Funcom can turn some of it around after the restructuring.

    I love you all,
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    [items/pets] As veterans (system – tokens) does not developing anymore. Make items from veteran vendor are tradable. At least we can spend our excessive tokens.

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    How about an item that decreases the amount of world bosses you have to kill? I know I'd buy an item like this, since having to wait an entire year for the world boss cloak is frustrating.

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    The thread was cleaned up. Stick to the thread rules please.
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    add a 24hrs cooldown, no farming.
    people doesn't need to do khitai instances anymore, factions are no longer as important as they used to be, they are expensive, time consuming and at the end they can be skiped in order to get to t4 gear. i dont mind people gearing up to t4, but is too easy far too easy.

    add sub bonus to rare tokens, lower the prices or make raid gear more expensive.
    increase the faction reputation gain, reward with more imperial badges or something, make the khitai factions something atractive again.

    Bring them back to their former glory, no nerfed instances (maybe only erlik, was too dificult for what it is)

    [raid gear]
    revamp the whole t1 to t3 gear, make it usefull

    make an upgraded version of the cultural gear to match raid gear and bring some life to crafting again. same with food, gems, architecture, etc.

    [Unchained gear]
    Not sure if people really know what they're missing here but maybe there should be an unchained gear vendor, to give more options while gearing up...

    im ok with the WB but there is a point where it becomes a pain, i know they are just a piñata, but again, people abuse of this (as they do with RF) by the weekend is even more difficult to make groups for other content than the WB, they take too long to kill, too much lag to handle in some PCs, little to none experience (real experience with the class you are using).
    My suggestion is to make it as a dynamic event that happens from time to time, without a fixed location, and doable with only a bunch of people, something like those silly rift invasions in that other game... something that doesn't need to be scheduled at the first wednesday of the month, something that you can group with people to do anytime you want.

    im not sure if this is somethign that i can suggest, because i've never been in one, but i would like to, except for the fact that i don't see any reason to sieage at all except for fun, this could be one of the main features of the game but feel abandoned and left to rot in a corner...
    one of the first MMOs i played was Ragnarok online, they had guild wars 2 days of the week and people would fight in this wars not only for fun, but also because they had great reward both in pvp and pve scenarios,
    its something fun that would be nice to see someday here. i suck in pvp though lol

    [boarder kingdoms]
    There is something about this maps... i don't know why FC has been hoding this Bori mechanic, people dont want it, why is still there?
    i have a better idea (perhaps too big to be real in this game) place diferent camps across the maps, the point of this maps would be to keep as many camps as possible for your faction (add 3 new factions here), other factions must go and invade them, but to keep the battles going, those camps must be conected in some way (a road for example) guild cities could be the main bases of the factions currently playing and those new into battle could start in the guild city of the faction of their choice.

    i know this may never come but im a player that likes this game and want to see it grow even bigger,

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    The thread was cleaned up. Stick to the thread rules please.
    Short cuts make long delays.

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    [raidfinder] A 24hr cooldown would make it difficult for players that can't make the first few days to be able to do raid finder later in the week. e.g. weekend warriors.
    However if you were to add something like killing of any 6 man dungeon boss / raid boss / player in pvp match would clear such a cooldown, to incentivise greater participation in other multiplayer areas of the game, a cooldown would be warranted.

    [raids] T1 - T4 raid gear needs a revamp, at the very least offer versions of these with set bonuses that have 10-20% chance to drop, though T4 is already quite good but a rare chance (e.g. 5%) to get a set bonus would be lovely. This may give vets something to go back and collect and give a strong incentive for players to keep raiding to get their sets.

    [crafting] I think we would see a large increase in interest if better food and potions or even elixirs could be crafted, and later down the track add more items that can't currently be found in game but exist in the store to be crafted. Additionally PVP related gems as well as significantly increasing the power of existing gems is needed.

    [sieges] we could reignite interest in sieging by having monthly events. Maybe every 1st weekend of the month a siege event where you can sign up to like the current raid finder. 48 vs 48 PVP can be fun, though it would require a decent amount of tweaking to be balanced on both sides, maybe use the kill stats of each player to help determine which side of the siege a player should be assigned to upon joining so that the losing side gets more skillful players. If you reduced the map size to 1/3 the current size, then you could even have a battle keep on each side instead of a offense side vs defence side system.
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    [ardashir coast]
    add a t3.5 weapon and accessory vendor... please

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