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Thread: Suggestion Thread V.2

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    Path of the Enlightened (Jiang Shi faction located in Kara Korum, Rise of the Godslayer Expansion):

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    Remove the weapons and accessories to individual vendor of the reliquary T1-2-3 and create a generic vendor with all the weapons and all the accessories just like the armory PvP, so each player can choose the weapons and accessories he want exactly as for T4 (where you can access any class vendor) and maybe you could also add the WB weapons that are too random!

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    If you are going to put t5 in the item shop, then let us use our extraneous t4 relics to buy t5 relics. Since t5 is in the item shop now, then t5 appears to be minimized to the point where trading in 5 t4 relics for a t5 relic makes perfect sense.

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    Current shop i just don't see being a long time working thing. Game is 8 year old and so many of us have put out amounts of money in bad times of this game to keep it going.

    Prices are high to rich for some blood. Maybe not a great way to attract new players. The could be collage kids, someone playing games that live on a budget so on. Need to tend more toward that class of people to.

    Suggestion : consolidating the chest more to 1 class of item and a more fair price to the level item. Instead of a 4 class in 1 chest. You could have 2 class.. Example Legendary and epic(4-6 each of the items in 1 chest), More of these as a single gamble would seem to be worth more to those who don't want to waste on something they don't need. Which the Greens and Rare gamble, would be attractive to those who could use it.

    The split would also have to take a turn toward a more affordable cost in funcom points.

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    Start selling gold in item shop. And I'm bloody serious, not trolling now. You are already put power items there, so one thing more won't make difference, but maybe this way you could finally clear chat from gold sellers.
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    [in-game store]
    -remove potions or make them obtainable by playing, (some faction item, a rare alchemist formula, maybe a raid crafting method, etc.)
    -make the ultimate lvl 80 bundle a 1-time-buy thing

    -don't delete the offline levels without giving something else back. just dont.

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    Red face


    Sorting items in inventory would be a cool option.

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    [in-game store/new membership/f2p model]
    Sell the gold cap removal in the game store at reasonable price not cheap but not overlypriced.

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    Increase the view of character slots from 8 to 12 in charakter menu.

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    Default re-arrange teleport interface

    Placement of "Teleport Coin" interface as default causes accidental, unnecessary usage of port coins.
    Either re-arrange the tabs (access pass - free) first, then if u cant use u have choice to use coin.
    admit that the placement is deliberate - I would even accept that.

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