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Thread: Balance rangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalston View Post
    Still, show me another hox who can do that, fully avatar specced.
    First pic shows the full-avatar-hox with poss-spec though.

    I agreee with you however, that showing k/d-pics of lopsided minigames to claim a class is OP afterwards is futile- they don't really prove much, since you only see the results.
    I think we won't see more than a few tweaks to rangers anyway, because no matter if they try to fit the needs of the pve- or pvp-players, they wont be able to fix it for one without breaking it for the other side.
    Everything else would require a full-fledged revamp or separated pve/pvp abilities, neither of which is going to happen.

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    Haha yes good catch the first is pretty old actually, he was playing poss for a while after returning from a long break (cos he finds it way easier). Pretty sure he was also running BB gear cos pvp gear had not been revamped yet. Second screen is from yesterday though lol
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    Iam gonna roll a new ranger just to shoot Ed in tha butt

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    Is that slacker Mechanno pvp10 yet? Kontrahent says hi

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    He's been pvp 10 for a few months yep. He's still too noob to make a forum account though...
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    Make the rangers Close range and all is god.
    If u has a good fight 1 ranger and the fun has end.
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    i say delete ranged classes becouse they can hit u from distance and rename game to melee masters :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raythorn View Post
    i say delete ranged classes becouse they can hit u from distance and rename game to melee masters :P
    game would honestly be freaking awesome

    -no aoes
    -no range
    -no crit dmg increase
    -no team buffs
    -heal rating closer to what lvl 19s have instead of the uber heal potential 80s have
    -no evade chance unless its a form of bubble


    -more gear diversity and food diversity

    IF range took skill to play(say some form of aiming instead of clicking a spell that automatically hits the nearest target) then im cool with it.

    I like how demos play at lowbie in terms of aoe. their dmg differential is so much lower then your average class but with the appropriate positioning with either your teamates or kiting/los enemies you get the edge. classes like tos, pom, demo, necro, ranger are all polluted with faceroll abilities that only necessitate 'smart play' in challenging games. on the other hand classes like barb, sin, conq are swamped with 1 click abilities and aoes completely ignoring the challenges of being a melee.

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    Christ far too busy training/racing on the bike worth jumping back in game? Quite a break :/
    Funcom's Latency Detonation crits you for 4800 millisecond damage. Claret died.

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    Come back saint☺ join me in pramdes😉
    Were making weekly premades in the law, also openworld groups☺
    Kraamz dt pvp10
    Kramzor hox pvp10
    Quickdash guard pvp7
    Kramzz bs pvp5

    Pressostate conq pvp5

    AFK into the unknown =/

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