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Thread: Today AOC is 6 years old today!

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    Happy Birthday Age of Conan

    It seems like a very long time since beta, good and bad times....but I`ve enjoyed them all, long may this game reign.

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    Happy birthday Age of Conan!
    Been here since the PvP Beta and Launchday and not leaving.
    Thanks for all the work made by the crew and i look forward to see what you guys can bring for us in the future!

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    Happy Birthday Age of Conan ! The best game ever !

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    Thumbs up

    H-happy birthday AoC
    i came to this game looking for something different some years ago and found it... to be honest, i cannot play any other mmo now, no one compares to this... wish FC didn't had all those troubles... but hey, you still here, hope this game keeps going and expanding, there is much to discover in Hyboria yet

    This is a piece of art in the MMO Market. Thanks for all!

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    Yup nothing compare to Age of Conan.
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    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Aoc
    Happy Birthday to You.
    The Law

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    Happy birthday funcom keep up the good work
    Clan Of The Free City Are Recruiting PvE/PvP Players.

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    Happy birthday, old barbarian!

    He's walking on a stick, but he still has a few teeth that bite
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    Happy Birthday to a world with a gravity so uncanny,
    to a shining light which remained unseen by too many,
    to a gem cut masterfully, yet not without flaw,
    to a game which over all those years i just couldn't ignore.

    ...feel free to add to that
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