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Thread: Guild Renown, etc.-- being saved up?

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    Default Guild Renown, etc.-- being saved up?

    I am getting notifications of the Artistry and other Renown points that my characters rack up. As far as I know, Renown is not working on Crom at the moment. Will the game "remember" the points for when the fix comes in, if ever?

    I was wondering if the fix might come at the same time as the new Crafting, since there might be an Architect/Guild City tie-in with that patch.

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    Default guild renown/architect/The Praetorian Guard

    I have been building my city for almost two years its level 3 keep level 2 buildings renown level 4 city outside walls are all level 2 anyway ,since server merge its been broke. I don't have to express my depression as to how hard it is now to get your city leveled up especially all alone. Were talking millions of gold, hours and materials. Why do they even do a weekly renown its not fair , it doesn't mean anything if it don't work not only that I want to say I've petitioned every time to please fix it. All they tell me over and over is they are working on it. If they are saving it up and doing it with craft revamp then my city will go from level 4 to level 8 if not more. All I can do is be patient and hope that fun-com addresses the situation and soon. I knew I had an almost impossible task before I even started but now its absolutely insane.Anyway after i wrote this someone told me off a way to get around it. Just change government system every week and after every patch you will fill that renown up faster.
    My city is now renown 5 and 1/4 i have three more buildings to complete and all will be level 3. I change government type every other week it only helps a little.But as you see I have went from renown 4 to renown 5 1/4. The Praetorian Guard offers something that no other guild offers Founding Fathers.Check website for info
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    I quit my guild and get re-invited about every 3 weeks just so I can continue to gain artistry renown for the guild. It is not a fix, but at least I know I am not losing renown.

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    It gets capped on Fury as well...and it is obvious the problem is merge or database related.

    But Funcom is "investigating" for almost a year now...and if you keep petitioning or giving feedback you risk getting banned for "abusing the petition system". Good service.

    Btw, the "quit and reinvite" workaround does not work, if your whole guild is renown capped.

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    Finishing my guild city was the last reason I had to log on and play the game. With so little new content to play and no further toon progression, there really was nothing else to do. And then Funcom goes and breaks that too.

    Sadly, this is one of the hundreds of bugs in AoC that will likely go unfixed. It's been almost a year and FCom hasn't even responded to the dozen threads started about this bug.

    Sure, Funcom does a few things well. But they do a lot more things really badly. The balance is way off. Those "few" things they do well aren't enough anymore and haven't been for a long time.

    It's truly a sad thing what Funcom did, or didn't do, to this wonderful foundation of a game.

    .....meanwhile in other MMO's!!!!!!

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    As Kurt2013 already mentioned "quit and reinvite" does not work for the guild. I have tried in vain.
    Could we hope crafting revamp will adjust things?

    Funcom, please confirm that at least ....

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    WHY oh there a cap on our guild!!??

    We used to always be one of the top guilds and now we are nowhere to be seen.

    We have asked in many a petition and all we get is the run around.

    I mean really...what is going on that you can not communicate with us??

    Did someone complain about our guild?? Did we do something wrong??


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    It actually did reset a few weeks back for a couple of guilds on Rage, but they might have been newer guilds. The lowbie guild I am in was from Deathwish and merged yet reset two weeks or so ago. I didn't really care until I noticed the stupid numbers some people rack up.

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    Renown system is broken
    Our guild city is stuck to lvl 4 for weeks

    Thank you to quickly correct it, we don't want to wait months or years with that bug.

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    As this topic seems to have popped up multiple times in multiple places, it is probably safe to say that customers/players still care.

    Might a Dev/Programmer be able to comment regarding whether Guild Renown will ever be fixed on Crom, and whether all of the points accrued by members for the problem period will be lost or will be credited?

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