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Thread: Explain +healing please

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    As for OP,

    You're better off going the direction Shax is onto. Focus on the gear that will give you better results in terms of dps, and you won't be a liability to your raid/group in that regard.
    200 dps, Celestial Gaze spamming pom is the worst.

    Many priests will mindlessly just spam it whenever the see tank on 90% hp, which I don't agree with.
    Ordinarily, the tanks will swap when they go near 50% health, and by then your Celestial Gaze was nothing but a waste.

    Save it for when you see a tank in trouble.
    And keep some healrating gear in your bag for those fights and special occasions you truly can make Shimmering / Emmisary / CG work in nice ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bibik View Post
    Sure it's a matter of PoV.
    I'm not even talking about healers, such things does not exist in my mind in AoC.
    Healers in MMos are dedicated healers (they have TONS of spells healing, protecting, special feat trees and so on). Priests in Aoc have like 3 heals spells in their initial concept, rest is dps/cc/buffs/debuffs. So i don't mind about people who likes playing theses as healer, but it's not their dedicated role and goal in my mind...
    It's not a design flaw as you insinuate; it's accounting for PvP. You can't heal anyone if you're dead- so you need DPS/CCs/DeBuffs to be competitive.
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    It's very important to kill boss 2-3 seconds faster with that extra 100 dps you gain with dps gear over heal gear. All the better if tanks or someone else dies and have to start whole encounter again, as long as parse looks good /wankwank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurvi View Post
    The implementation of Heal rating in this game was mistake, due to many factors.
    Such as:
    Encounter designs. Spell designs. Gear designs (****ing over stat budgets)
    (good additional point is what Bibik said about vanilla healing power vs. how our healthpools expanded after 1.05, these AA heals did not cut it. They should have updated our hots/big instead)

    Game has hardmode dungeons, t3.5 and t4 raiding. Yet Heal rating isn't needed to complete any this content, and that's, for me, where the main problem lies.

    The idea is fair, just not given the changes and encounters needed to make them more worthwhile.

    (though Sleuth of Bears has its weak points too. Try it in a minigame vs a dotting necro in other team. Stacks will be gone without doing much healing at all. Not saying the spell potentially isn't one of the better ^_^)
    Problem with gear stat budget exists, but it's not related to Heal Rating itself, just to stat budget rules Funcom uses.

    Trade off between DPS / Survivability stats and Heal Rating for example is pointless on PvP gear, since each healer class has just 1 single (tiered) set.
    Funcom could just straight put 2k HR on every priest set without any stat budget trade-off, and that could be perfectly fine.

    About the rest, what Maly says..
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    Actually i feel it's good that heal rating is just a nice to have bonus, but not mandatory for healers at all.

    Now, like it's been said, stacking heal rating at the costs of dps is a mistake, because even with scarlet circle set, if you equip for instance a weapon with heal rating and you get prelate at arms rank 5 from your tank, which you should, you can easily reach 2K heal rating with full dps capability.
    And frankly, 2K heal rating is way enough to make idol and shimmering worth casting.

    As for celestial gaze, i'm not a fan of it, cone is too narrow, range too short and cast time way too long.
    I for one just never cast it, being on my tos, bs or pom, except if i'm on healbot mode for entity, but that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maly View Post
    It's very important to kill boss 2-3 seconds faster with that extra 100 dps you gain with dps gear over heal gear. All the better if tanks or someone else dies and have to start whole encounter again, as long as parse looks good /wankwank
    Given that the player plays the character equally. I feel in general that there are more of the healrating stacking heal spamming 100-200dps PoM's around than the proper 500hps'ing proper 1000 dps'ing PoM's. Its about forming how the player should play his character to be the best he can be, and that is not by stacking heal rating and spamming heals. Many PoM's haven't even built their own feats so they know the synergy between Holy Accession, Condemnation, Avatar of Mitra, which grants Holy Storm. Or that when Divine Halo is stacked it heals the lowest hp guy in group, and that crits a lot!

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    Better stack healrating, focus fully on "healing" and healparse (great ****ing indication to see who did additional healing)

    Nevermind using your supportive abilities/heals at the right time. Just spam em' all.
    Best have them on cooldown when they're needed...

    This I see all the time. Idiots with no clue how to heal effectively.

    But really.
    My thoughts exacly, Shax.

    About Celestial Gaze, given it's cast time should have been a groupwide heal. Or it should be instant cast (yes, Im serious)

    Current state is too weak and underused cause of this.
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    All you need imo is some brain to understand when AA heals are helpful (more then 100DPS, just to say), and when they are not.

    As someone already wrote, even with a full DPS set - Tiger for BS and Scarlet Circle for PoM/ToS - you can have a good enough amount of Heal Rating (2.5K+) for more or less everything.
    Most of the trade-off is about perks: Vision or Sleuth, Coils or Idol etc.

    Sacrifying DPS for sets like Yag Kosha makes few sense, I agree on that.
    While I often go T4 BS set over T4 barb set for Bear Shaman, even if only for Celestial Gaze (with Vision perk).
    It's a small DPS loss (around 300 Combat Rating), for 2K Heal Rating, and that makes the difference on CG.

    Celestial Gaze cast time too long??
    You mean you can't sacrify 1,5 sec (is that?),to heal up your tank with the same amount of a big heal?
    It looks seriously DPS parser whoring to me.

    And of course to use CG and AA heals on a full HP tank is idiotic gameplay.
    But that has nothing to do with AA.
    The same could be said for players full DPS geared, not even using green heals not to loose seconds, who instead loose 1 sec between each combo/spell to mouse-click instead of using keyboard binds...

    It's not the use of AA heals that makes a player good or bad.
    Is just using (or not) all the different spells / abilities you have with brain, that means at the right moment and witch correct trade-offs.

    Of course most of the fights don't need AA heals under normal conditions, but that doesn't mean that the use of AA heals is wrong when they can be helpful.

    But yeah you are right, topping DPS parser makes people cooler and no one cares how much you were helping effectively your group / raid (well someone does, but not many unfortunately).
    Tanks alive and boss killed without wipe -> people happy.
    Then look at parser and see who was good and who was not.. few people care or are just even able to understand during a fight what a specific person is dooing effectively for the raid.
    But there are some little things that can change a wipe to a kill, and sometime using CG or other AA with brain can be one of those.
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    I find that wrong that not using thoses AA heals makes you automatically parserwhore and selfish, but dpsers not having a single defensive item/feat are just dpsers and they have to do this.

    It's the same story. I don't understand why some mages/rogues are coming with their full t4 gear+accessories and dies from bombardement at their pads or from any other aoe like on Sheng.

    For sure, i use theses sometimes to deal with some encounters damage, but thoses encounters, once in farm mode, are rare. Otherwise, it's more like a desesperate tool making burst heals for random herotank or to repair the consequences of a terrible aggroswitching sequence.

    What most players don't understand is bonus healing are not good only cause they are bonus so they are a plus to any raid. If this was true, so BS with Claws or Life + Fierce Healing or DT's with Improved Infusion are too good to not be taken in any raid. Problem is thoses AA heals are too damn costly and very bad taken apart to worth the deal. The true question is : does it worth the deal ? Does thoses spells are good enough to take a gold slot on my AA + item stats on my gear ?

    Hopefully, like it was said on this thread, there's some workaround to not be crippled too much while using theses :

    - Weapon switching is nice, so you can stay in Dps gear and switch with healing weapon to reach enough HR during the casting time of the spell.
    - You can switch AA during fights as long as you stay in OOC mode. I use and abuse of this, since most of the AA heals are also very situationnals cause of their nature of high cd burst healing.

    But when raidforce is good, and raiders have good knowledge of the encounter/wised enough to not going nuts with their own life, vanilla healing is the way to go.

    You have to consider all the stats of CG :
    - 1.5sec cast
    - Radius
    - CD
    - Mana cost (maybe it's not a problem with full T4 gear with tons of mana regen but with lower tiers it doesn't worth 831 mana)
    - Requires a quite high amount of HR to worth it.

    Hopefully there is good sides to it.
    - Bronze AA so doesn't cost any slot.
    - Can stack with other CG.

    Does CG is a good spell alone ? Not really. You have to take all the stats and evaluate them as a whole cause they are sorta "linked" each other.

    1.5sec cast is the same as any vanilla burst healing, but the cast time is problematic from a positionning point of view. Which is important cause of the radius condition. Mana cost is quite high if you consider the low amount of healing dealt until a certain threshold of HR, making it very gear-dependant. It's another downside except from us in full T4 who can have both HR+dps in the same set.

    Tbh, i'd rather take a rather good defensive/group utility feat tree with direct consequences in the fight than a mediocre to bad AA heal spell.

    Call me selfish if you want, it's just personnal calculation and choices based on how some spells are "balanced" on what they bring to me/to the raid, and what they cost to me and to the raid. I like having choices, and since it's also very rare in AoC (Age of Cookie-cutter builds), i'm even happier with that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korando-AoC View Post

    Celestial Gaze cast time too long??
    You mean you can't sacrify 1,5 sec (is that?),to heal up your tank with the same amount of a big heal?
    It looks seriously DPS parser whoring to me.
    Yes, it's way too long

    It's about this spell not being fun to use. Mainly coming from a Bear Shaman POV where you can't even cancel your whitehits to start the spell. Making it even slower to pull off (Unless you use escape to cancel them...? lol)

    Who said I don't sacrifice the time to do it when needed...? I do.

    All im saying is
    Why was it so hard to turn this spell into something more useable? Instead of this dreaded thing we have right now.
    In combination with the gear thing, and vanilla heals being sufficient thing. I hate it.
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