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    Hi, im not that much a newcomer. But i have a question about the membership mechanism.

    I bouth the 12 month one. I would like to know, what will happen after that.. ill be a f2p account (thats what player told me) ? Or it automaticali takes money and activates 12 months again?

    Because I saw this * To avoid interruption of service, membership automatically renews when it expires..

    Other question is.. when listing the change membership options.. the least one was one month and then canceling account.. Cant a player go f2p after being subscriber? (just asking)

    Thanks (80BS, HoX on the way)

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    it'll automatically renew, if you cancel your membership you'll go f2p after your subscription period - Age of Conan feat planner
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    Your account will automatically drain more money at the end of 12 months and will continue to be premium unless you go to FC's webpage and cancel membership at any time before that. You'll stay premium for all of 12 months even if you cancel now but then your account will become f2p when it runs out.
    (global chat channel access, sending pms and maybe a few other things are available for ex premium f2p accounts that's not available to pure f2p accounts)

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    Default same message

    As others have said it will auto renew for a year. My strategy is I renew for a year, then kick the auto renew down to 1 month in case I forget. When it is time to renew and I am on top of the situation I will put it back to year renewal until it happens.
    If my membership renewal is close and a subscription offier is available, I also have taken advantage of a few of the specials like pets and levelling packages etc. In fact I think my last renewal put me into the 18 months category with time still left and bonus time. Sounds like a few people have renewed to catch specials so often they have like 2 years+ subscription still
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