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    How many Aesir allies / companions did Conan the Cimmerian meet in his legendary adventures folks???

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    Based on, it looks like there were a few in a couple stories:
    Egil, Gorm, and Thror from "Legions of the Dead" by De Camp and Carter
    Gorm, Horsa, Nirod, and Wulfhere from a "Frost Giant's Daughter" by Robert E. Howard (although I believe everyone Conan met in that story he either attacked or fawned over).
    Laslty there was Rolf from Conan the Avenger by De Camp and Nyberg.

    Sigurd, who in AoC looks like an Aesir, was a Vanir in Conan the Buccaneer (another DeCamp and Carter story).
    Kalur - 80 Bear Shaman, Brunstol - 80 Dark Templar, Tallas - 80 Assassin, Gilben - 80 Conquerer, Pangert - 80 Barbarian, Xoltal - 80 Necromancer, Matzui - 80 Herald of Xolti, and a bunch of lower level alts.
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    lets not forget Kern wolfeye

    There are 3 books about this character if you are interested in Aesirs

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