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Thread: pvp vids

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalston View Post
    Premade vid, BS point of view, is up :

    @Bendow those Ominous premades tend to happen pretty late EU time (past midnight, that vid was taken at 1:46 CET for example) because we have so many US players. I'm hoping we can do a bit more premades at more reasonable hours with NW (and maybe sometimes Law?) in the future though, but often we or they lack people :\ You're on my friendlist though (you could also join the guild ) but I haven't seen you online a lot lately so maybe you should add me on Steam or something so I can message you when premades are happening or could happen.
    Nice vid! Balanced fights are the most enjoying ones, a pitty you hardly find them in pug matches. But if I play after midnight I think my wife gonna kill me, lol. Maybe we can really arrange some premades before midnight on weekend the law vs ominous, though I have to admit there might be not many competetive players left in the law anymore (as far as I could assess, coz I just started to play more frequently again and had a break of almost 2 months). But there is a pretty nice conq, hox and barb which could give a good setup... we will see
    Bendowill (Ranger) / Liangxiao (BS)
    Gjalskia (DT) / Beacor (BS, Saga)

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    Another fun in-guild premade on BS :
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    Hey ppl, here is my YouTube channel where i upload AoC videos from time to time.

    Its all about PvP, sometimes with music and sometimes without. Mostly there is BS PoV on vids and few with DT and HoX.

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    Lil bit of open world pvp fun in White Sands, s&s guard. Wish my recording software had worked properly during pvp festival week
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    Old one. I'll post an updated one of the necro and bear soon.

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    Some brute conq gameplay :

    Reasonably balanced pug for once. And a very OP class.
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    That hox in red team was good

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    Some open world pvp on demo :

    My spec is a bit silly but honestly it works just fine for me in minis or open world. Wish there were more times like this on Crom.
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