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    Nothing in particular has happened to the class or feats since spring 2012. Yeah, lost Light the Path instant knockback but otherwise the class, the feats and spell rotations are just the same, only there isn't any point of using Light the Path any more. iudexinferi is asking if there is any differences to the class since a year has gone from the last time he played the game. If you wanted to, Anzu, you could change his reply into a new topic and move my reply there.

    Gearwise it is just the same as well. When you hit 80, you buy a kit of the light armor on trader, "rare" version with a gemslot. Put holy damage gem into the slots. There is more expensive and better culture armors, if you got the cash for it. If you participate in the world boss event, maybe some armors of t1 or t2 quality will drop for you there. If you got Khitai, both Scarlet Circle and Priests of Yun have good armors, though Scarlet Circle is the better pick. There is also two instances for solo play in Gateway to Khitai, in Unchained mode they drop nice accessories. If you pick up quests in Black Ring Citadel, in Kheshatta, you can get a nice staff there as starter weapon.

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    Hand of mitra got nerfed a while back from 10 to 5 seconds, I think it was same time with LtP oblivionnerf. With five feat points its 7 seconds and shorter cooldown.

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