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    Is there any script or way to change the colour of chat, ie global, system message....not to post chat in a different colour but purely to read. Atm everything is mostly white and its difficult to distinguish between chat channels.
    I am using Ikos UI.

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    Go to

    \\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Default\
    Copy TextColors.xml to

    \\Age of Conan\Data\Gui\Customized\
    Open the file with your text editor (I use Notepad++). After every update of AoC, you'll need to change the number at the start of the file so it matches the one in the Default file.
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    Off-topic: I would pay a lifetime sub if FC changed the name of Strike to Guard to the "Oh sh*t" combo! The tooltip could read: "The guardian realises they are now in over their head, and, having soiled themselves, are less likely to receive attention from their target."

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    Here are some scripts that I've been posting on the forums:

    Yet another SETTINGS script- A comprehensive script incorporating the most important settings in-game, and then some. With over 50 settings at your command. Easily access the settings that can improve performance, or make the game more enjoyable.

    EMOTES script- A more coherent arrangement of the available emotes in-game, arranged according to categories. Obvious use for Role-Playing but can be useful and/or fun for other players.

    T1 to T3 raids script - finding the quests?- A little script to help people look for and try to get a sense of the quest progression for the T1 to T3 raids. YOU CAN GO in a raid without these quests, and still get relevant loot from the loot boxes that drop. The quests give ADDITIONAL items that can be seen here.

    RESOURCES-What is this used for?- A script listing the available resources and their useage in-game
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    Yet another SETTINGS script- A comprehensive collection of the most important settings.
    EMOTES- A more coherent arrangement of the emotes.
    T1 to T3 raids script - finding the quests?- Shows quest progression for T1-T3 raids.
    RESOURCES-What is this used for?- Lists resources and their useage

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    Default Updated scripts for Tier 1- T6 PvE Armor, Weapons and Accessories

    PvE Tier Armor Relic Costs:

    PvE Tier Weapons & Accessories Relic Costs:

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