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Thread: aoc scripts census

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    Default aoc scripts census

    I searched on the forum but I is found almost no scripts for aoc .

    Is it possible that those who have scripts , sharing them here with everyone ?

    Thank you very much !

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    What scripts you have in mind?

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    There are a number of them here -
    Aldryc - Demo, Alremyr - PoM, Almyra - ToS, Almyr - Necro, Almuryc - Guard

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    nothing in particular .

    I am looking for scripts to aoc ,I already have a few scripts !

    maybe more recent versions, different ...

    raid , pve grp , craft , post what you have .

    Thank you !

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    I have this one which I call "slacker mode"

    Nothing new: AcT quick links, chrono, particles, yaremka and KK usual scripts

    You need to unrar stopwatch.swf in AoC/Data/Gui/Default/Flash
    Unrar the rest in the scripts folder

    In game, type /act

    note: some parts of the script might be in french but I guess it won't be a problem for you

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    Lightbulb My Abyss of Khun Whu script

    <a href="text://<font face=hyboriansmall color=white><center>Abyss of Kun Whu<br><P><br><center><font color='#ff6820' face='COMBAT_FEEDBACK'><a href='chatcmd:///kneel'>KNEEL</a></font><P><br><font color=red>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g Kneel on RED'>RED</a> ] </font><font color=black>--</font><font color=blue>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g Kneel on BLUE'>BLUE</a> ] </font><font color=black>-- </font><font color=green>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g Kneel on GREEN'>GREEN</a> ] </font><font color=black>-- </font><font color=white>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g Kneel on BLACK'>BLACK</a> ]</font><P><br><center><font color='#ff6820' face='COMBAT_FEEDBACK'><a href='chatcmd:///g KNEEL AGAIN!'>KNEEL AGAIN!</a></font><P><br><font color=red>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g READY TO GET OUT'>READY TO GET OUT</a> ] </font><font color=black>-- </font><font color=white>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g SFF ON TANK'>SFF ON TANK</a> ] </font><font color=black>--</font><font color=yellow>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g I AM CHARMED!'>I AM CHARMED</a> ] </font><font color=black>-- </font><font color=orange>[ <a href='chatcmd:///g TW ON BOSS'>TW ON BOSS</a> ] </font></font><P><br>by Dimchik">Abyss of Kun Whu</a>

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    While not really a "script", it does help immensely during 6 mans and raids:
    Requiem Nex Combat Monitor
    Requiem Nex Combat Monitor | Options not Saving temporary Fix
    Can Devs please fix:
    • new ressurections resetting the currently selected ressurect position
    • loot timeout windows disappearing before progress bar completes when box hasn't been opened quickly

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    My pvp script :
    /shout IN DA ASS !
    Water is my bubble
    __________________________________________________ ____
    Religolibri (10) Ranger, trying something else
    Amtihotep (10) Hox, Using copy paste poss/gen feat

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