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Thread: Ikos ui

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    Thanks for getting back to the former UI with top buffs
    If it is a coding problem, wouldn't it be a solution to create 2 downloadable UI instead of just one with one configuration enabled(less elegant of course but easier to create)?
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    I've had an issue with IKOS ever since FDS. This version has been good up until lately where the Screen Fade Out stops working completely and makes loading a nightmare, since it's as if the game is searching for something that isn't there and taking its time doing so. Is this a UI issue?

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    I like the Layout 1 design but I miss a good spot to put the cast bars. A while ago you created Layout 3 after my feedback with space between the life bar and the character name to place the cast bars there. Any chance to get that back? As I don't like the health / mana / stamina bar design of the new Layout 3 I'd like to stick with Layout 1. Any chance to get back a Layout like 1 with room between life bar and character name for the cast bars?
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    Hey, there is a mistake with button bar on new MINISMALL version. Will be nice to fix it coz you take away about 5 button places from usage.

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    mate your page is going to be closed go and reactive it as soon as you can
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    Anyone know how to patch IKOSUI for the new update changes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeons View Post
    Anyone know how to patch IKOSUI for the new update changes?
    It is working properly for me with Ikos 3.5.1.

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