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Thread: Ikos ui

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    Default Ikos ui

    Name change to the FDS-UI.
    it now becomes IKOS-UI
    here is the link
    >IKOS UI<
    See you soon

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    Some screenshots would have been nice.

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    Great news. I have bin using your ui for a long time. Kudos to you my good sir

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    Best Custom UI I've found to this game! Thank you for the hard work! Yo'ure awessomesauce sir!

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    Possible too add fullscreenshot of the entire screen?
    Can see much about space it takes and so on.
    Looks nice thoug.

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    Adding full screen in the screenshot section of the website

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    Hey,great ui,could you maybe add a keybinding screenshot somewhere?This can be really helpful especially if changing from another custom ui.

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    Your the creator of FDS?

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