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Thread: Vent vs TS3 on CPU,Memory & Resources overly used

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    Default Vent vs TS3 on CPU,Memory & Resources overly used

    Hi everyone I been Running 7 Apps for IP,Bandwidth,Packets,Plus my 3 favorite What Programs affect & use more unnecessary CPU,RAM even GPU which should never be.I Different test on why this issue of Lag at worst time. Raids,Groups or Boss Fights,Funcom does not hold all the blame in fact they carry a small Percentage.The real Culprit rears it's ugly head. punt intended.
    This applications I used are run by Companies in IT & such Networking Situation where Packets,Data could reach a possibility troubleshooting of interruption of Data flow from Servers to PC's. (((Packets Mind ya)))

    1) Funcom Age of Conan This is Based on Pure raw data Did Post Raw data cause it contained all my private info as well.Hell NO

    Packets Received 87.2 Megabytes From Server to the PC.
    Packets Sent 43.8 MB From PC to Server.

    2) Ventrilo plus Vents radical disconnects on Raids or Groups are Infamous
    Received 9.38 MB
    Sent 56.0 MB This should not be plus ran tons of test vent goes after memory as well if app are using much the logs on vent show tons of errors when we Raid or Group.

    3) Team Speak 3 Same situation same environment as Vent.

    Packets Received 5.20 MB
    Packets Sent 5.20 MB Big difference I mean is so Obvious here there no contest. Log Errors are small compared to Vent.

    Now I spent months running test with a lot of app used by Networking Companies just to understand this annoying situation.
    In no way should Ventrilo should have that much MB used to transfer spoken words, Is actually behaving like a full blown Game is close to how much Age of Conan uses in MB to deliver Packets of raw data.
    By the way this applications them self are no larger than 4.5 kb fully installed are so low resource they don't even show up on Task Manager at all.

    Word to the wise:Team Speak is always updating it's app as soon as New Games come out plus if issues arrive they are on it plus anyone has full control of it's TS Fully.

    Well Take it or leave it don't care proof is in the Numbers.

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    Also great free Voip and some with better quality

    Dolby Axon

    Razer Comms

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    Good for a laugh if nothing else mr soul
    I am Stian ingame...

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