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    Works really great now. Easy to use and good report options in game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krixus View Post
    Hey mate, thanks for the parser.

    Just a question, for some reason It generates 1 encounter into many encounters such as Thoth, I've tried changing the Encounter Change Threshold but it doesn't seem to help.

    Any chance you know how i can fix it?
    What values did you try? Thoth is bit difficult because there can be such a long pauses between any fighting happens so some extreme values like 60 seconds for encounter change treshold might be needed.

    I'm not sure how far away the game logs combat events but it might also be that if the logger doing the puzzles and Thoth summons adds to the opposite side of the room the fighting doesn't show up in the logfile. If this happens then the change treshold should be even longer.

    On next version I will have a feature where you can tell the parser to start parsing at certain time and stop parsing at another time. This would let you set the encounter change treshold to something silly like 10 minutes and then just telling the parser to start at certain time and parse to the death of Thoth.
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    Is it possible to merge pet damage with owner damage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shax84 View Post
    Is it possible to merge pet damage with owner damage?
    Pet damage is merged. I did a quick test with my necro against straw dummy. Basically I summoned a bunch of different pets and made them hit the dummy. Here is a screenshot of the results.


    1.02 is out!

    Please note that the settings.txt file now should contain one more line and if you use old settings.txt the parser will fail to read it and will revert to default values. After you have succesfully shut the parser down once it will save your settings and the new settings.txt will be fully compatible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    * Added events log that lists encounter starts, encounter ends, deaths of players, deaths of bosses and deaths of trashmobs.

    * It is now possible to give start and end times for parsing. Day changing is handled by using a 6 hour difference limit.

    * Added few special regular expression checks for cases where the source's name contains "'s". The parser now keeps track of what can follow after this 's to separate them from combo/spell names. For example in the logfiles the following lines are possible:
    ** [21:22:35] Yah Chieng's Personal Guard critically pierces Aocplayer for 4353.
    ** [00:04:51] Yah Chieng's Hex hits Aocplayer for 5582 holy damage.
    In the first line the actual source is not Yah Chieng so Personal Guard has to be allowed to follow 's in order to make the parser handle those lines in such a way that the source for damage is Yah Chieng's Personal Guard. In the second line the parser checks if Hex is included in those line and finds out that it isn't and ends up handling this "Hex" as a spell/ability/combo name. The side effect of this is that if for example a barbarian has combo called "Personal Guard" it would break the system and the parser would ask: "What is Barbarianplayer's Personal Guard".

    * Some minor ui tweaks.

    * Lines that followed the format "You critically hit Xxx for 1." will now be recognized by the parser correctly.

    * Added option for ignoring self-inflicted damage.
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    nvm.. top of the thread has it

    Why can't i see myself in reports? v1.02 shows just 5 players of 6 in 6-man group.
    solved: need to fill in "Own Name" line or it'll ignore you.
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    1.03 is out


    * The parser now identifies players classes based on what spells and/or combos they used.
    * Added list import and export functions so it is easier to share lists for known players, bosses, trashmobs or ignoreds.
    * Added an option to make the parser assume that all unknown entities are players. Previously it was only possible to ignore them. Because of this the old saved settings won't work and the parser will give an error message and some settings will go back to their default values.
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    Awesome work, gonna download this once I get home
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    Deserves a bump! Really nice and easy parser program. Can highly recommend it

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    mhhh.....i have downloaded it unpacked it and i do everything what the instruction says.
    but no player was listed and no boss or anything else!
    is this tool bound by the english client? or.....what could be the problem?

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