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Thread: Funcom plz tell why Most players have unaceptable pings

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    Default Funcom plz tell why Most players have unaceptable pings

    WE!! need some feedback from the devs on the latency Issue ASAP if we want to save AOC.

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    But the answer to your question is : cross atlantic gaming does not work properly on latency sensitive games with poor coding on top of that.

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    1st rule of aoc ping is: you dont talk about ping!
    Jou ppl need to undstand that it took great skill to play the Ranjor.please stop qq bout ranjor.

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    Two options:
    1) Lower latency however you know FunCom
    2) If you can't do above then return servers to EU.

    As one Roman Emperor once said... Funcom, Oh Funcom give me back my latency (to 60+) after his general was defeated in Teutoburg forest due to having 200+ ms and being unable to execute orders in timely manner. And as such he and his legions have been ganked in pvp for days.

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    Funcom have plans to fix the problems with the latency... it will be fixed in december, it´s our christmas present.

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    It's another funcom's great move, seems like they want to lose even more players or go bankrupt. GG FUNCOM, a few of core players from our guild already said that they will quit if nothing changes =]

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    Taken from the GD letter in April

    Code and Quality of Life fixes

    I also wanted to mention that just because of the large amount of things covered in this update, we haven't forgotten about the "little things". That includes general stability and bug fixing as well as the quality of life improvements that we can bring to the game. These will be rolled out with the patches as we go and continue to make Hyboria an even smoother and more stable place to spend time!
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    And the ones that stay will benefit from single-server tech:
    • quicker groups
    • groups for less-popular dungeons (e.g., lower-level)
    • more PVP
    • less population fluctuation throughout the gear
    • more stable guilds
    With a more healthy and stable population, FC has the freedom to work more on group-dependent content such as PVP.

    I have sympathy for the people with higher ping. A big reason I took my break was because I couldn't handle the framerate drop I got in Khitai. But when I came back (it's hard to find the combat system and mature content anywhere else), I was a noob again, having to ask about tactics on content other people had been farming for ages. Lame. Knowledge lag is worse than graphical lag.
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