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Thread: Post your music !

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    Great ad for Lineage Eternal with a great song, Into the Shadows.

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    Some random stuff of late.

    Highly Suspect - Lydia [Official Video]

    Nothing More - Jenny (Official Video)

    Red Sun Rising - Emotionless (Official Music Video) This appears to be a PSA about the dangers of VR...

    Avion Roe - "The Difference Between Us" Official Music Video. One for the "Wtf did I just watch?" file.

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    Rival Sons, Face of Light

    Dead Can Dance, Song to the Siren

    Next one is *very* much not family or work safe. You've been warned.

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    Cool Virgin Steele

    Virgin Steele - The Fire God

    Virgin Steele - Agony And Shame

    Virgin Steele - Gate Of Kings

    Virgin Steele - Forever Will I Roam

    Virgin Steele - Veni Vidi Vici

    Virgin Steele - Sword Of The Gods

    Virgin Steele - Strawgirl

    Virgin Steele - The Burning Of Rome

    Virgin Steele - Noble Savage

    Virgin Steele - Child of Desolation

    Virgin Steele - Through The Ring Of Fire

    Virgin Steele - Conjuration of the Watcher

    Virgin Steele - House of Dust

    Virgin Steele - Hot and Wild

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    some post punk
    Blue hollow- color of night

    Afterimage - Satellite of Love

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belsvard View Post
    some post punk
    Blue hollow- color of night

    Afterimage - Satellite of Love
    Oh..Glad to see another PPunker around aoc

    The Violets - In Your Statue (heavy Siouxsie sound)

    Plastique Noir - Rose Of Flesh And Blood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeil View Post
    Great ad for Lineage Eternal with a great song, Into the Shadows.
    Another one with Lineage,
    Globus - Take me Away | Live:

    Globus - Preliator

    Globus - Crusaders of the Light
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    Possibly the greatest pvp song ever? Or just something for the *Ridiculously silly but damn he can yodel* file.

    Chicken Attack

    Poets of the Fall, Carnival of Rust. This is eerily TSW like and a good song I thought.

    Speaking of odd and eerie...

    Drink the Water, Justin Cross
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    My Conan Exiles character came to life and auditioned on a Russian talent show:

    Speaking of Mother Russia:

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    For when you're off to the Pictish Wilderness:

    and fighting in Ymir's Pass:

    and just killing anything:
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