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Thread: Introduce yourself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bendowill View Post
    great shammy

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    Imba shammy. Deal too much damage tho
    Water is my bubble
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    Religolibri (10) Ranger, trying something else
    Amtihotep (10) Hox, Using copy paste poss/gen feat

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    Default Returning (again) :)

    Hi I'm returning to the game as a casual player. Trouble is, all my toons are over lvl 40 and I have no idea where to go, what to do, etc. I'm a Roleplayer and PVE player, and the three toons I have are Warmare, Lyonklaw and Centauress. If you're on Crom server, wave at me in passing and if I can get my son of a warthog horse to halt I may even wave back.

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    Hello all! I am Inventus!
    You may find me on one of my iGank characters on Fury.

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    Hello! I'm new to the game, and parking my toons on Crom. I've got 8 characters, ranging from lvl 10 to lvl 75 seeing which class I like the best. So far, I'm enjoying my lvl 75 BS the best! I haven't run any dungeons yet, as I don't know which ones are available for my level. Great game so far, and a nice break from Azeroth...

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    Just started a toon on Rage last night!

    Ozryc - Hox.

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    Hey all, returning player. Been away for a couple of years and thought I would play again. I have an 80 Necro and an 80 Barb, and just started a BS to learn how to play the game again. US East Coast time zone, looking for a good helpful guild to relearn the game! Thanks!

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    I`m completely new to the game (had a tiny encounter with it in 2012), I`m still in Tortage on Crom, just saying hello!

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    Cool Hiya!

    I'm a returning player who is enjoys PVE and raids. Right now, I'm leveling a ToS, Shammy, HoX, Demo, and DT. It's been very interesting to come back after several years and see all the changes and how the different story lines play together. Hope to see you in game.


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    Default My name is Kron, and I have a problem...

    Hiya, Folks =) I started playing a few days before RotGS, took about 10 months off because of....well, life, and now I'm back with a vengeance! Started a toon on Rage, Kronuckles, but most of the time I can be found on Crom. Good to be back =)
    Shameless Plug: if you like Rock and/or Roll with classic sensibilities and some funk and blues thrown in for spice, check out my band:

    Rock On, Rock Over and Out

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